Friday, 19 July 2019

May-June Book Haul (Part 3)

Bad news. I thought three-parts to my May-June book haul would be enough. Turns out, it isn't. So there'll be another part to come. And then I'm finally done with my May-June book haul. And ready to share my June-July book haul! Will I ever stop buying books? Doubtful. So here's one of my most recent book hauls.


I've been buying a lot of kid's books because (*spoiler alert if you haven't read my latest Let's Talk Babies post*) we were planning to adopt. Now that we're not, I've been enjoying reading the kids books for myself. I may have found the cure for reading OCD, y'all. I'm also still cautiously optimistic that someday, somehow, we'll have children to share these books with.

What have you been reading recently? 

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