Sunday, 28 July 2019

Life Lately: July Edition!

How is it that time again? I cannot believe we're almost at the end of July. 2019 really is whizzing by. But before we dive headfirst into August, let's take a quick look back at what I got up to in July.

Doing...far too much worrying. My anxiety seems to have taken a turn for the worse this month, and I've been worrying more than ever. Often about the most ridiculous of things. What if a sinkhole opens up in the road outside our house that is currently sinking and we fall in? Could a Chernobyl like incident happen here in the UK? All kinds of ridiculous things. I also managed to get into a car accident a few weeks ago. In swerving to avoid a boy racer who was heading straight for me, I ended up scraping the passenger side of the car along a low wall. Both doors had some damage in the form of bent metal. And there was a lot of respraying needed. But by the time this post goes live it should all, hopefully, be fixed. I got my nails did, keep an eye out in my July Favourites for a photo, caught up with my therapist for an interim appointment (she can't offer me anything regular till end of August/beginning of September), changed all my medication around with the help and advice of my amazing doctor, and went to Cardiff to see my mum for her birthday. It felt like a busier month than it actually was, because when I wasn't busy I was busy worrying!
Buying...far too many books. But I say that most months, don't I? Also, far too many magazines. And a new bag. I saw this gorgeous pink and black rucksack on a fellow blogger's Instagram Stories and fell in love. Within minutes I'd pressed buy on a rucksack of my own. I'm excited to share it in my July Favourites post!
Reading...more kid's books. But also, a graphic novel. One of my goals for July was to read at least one adult book. And I decided to pick up and read The Handmaid's Tale The Graphic Novel. I'll be reviewing it on the blog soon, so keep an eye out on the blog for that. 
Watching...Dark Money. That was intense, wasn't it? I stumbled upon it by accident, flicking through the channels one week. But I quickly became very involved in the story, and was disappointed it only lasted for four episodes!
Spending...all my time worrying. And feeling tired. I don't sleep well because of anxiety. I'm tired. I worry more. I don't sleep well because I'm anxious. And repeat every single day for pretty much the month of July. It's been fun, but I'm so over it now.
Thinking about...spending a night away from home. I have a pretty severe phobia of being away from home for longer than about 12 hours. I'm thinking of taking the first step towards overcoming this phobia by going away with a friend somewhere nearby for one night. My husband will remain at home, which means all my fears about the house catching fire or falling down should be allayed. And I'll know the cat is with his daddy, so won't be upset about me not being there. It's still just pie in the sky at the moment, but it is in my head as a possibility.

Lunch dates with friends <3

Bought the cat a tee-pee. He'd rather have the bag it came in.

My new agenda arrived this month!

I've been doing mindful stickering this month, and loving it.

What did you get up to in July? 

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