Sunday, 21 July 2019

Haul Post!

Here we are, Sunday evening, and it's time for another haul post! I know in my last post I mentioned making Friday's my Haul Post days. But I figured we don't have to be so rigid. We can jiggle things around, here and there. So here's some of what I've been buying lately, and these photos date back to around Easter time, if you're wondering.

I absolutely adore stickers. All over my laptop, planner, notebook, skin. I'll stick 'em anywhere. So I was very intrigued by the concept of mindful stickering. Is that a word? I don't care, it is now. Turns out it is a pretty mindful activity, but also a pretty stressful one too. Mainly because I'm a perfectionist, and if I stuck a sticker down slightly wonky and then couldn't peel it off to re-stick it, I would beat myself up. So I'm working on accepting the fact that it doesn't have to be perfect. The Serial Killers  Big Kid's Colouring Book was a gift for a friend who is obsessed with serial killers. Kind of a novelty, humorous gift. Also, these M&S biscuits are THE BEST.

A haul Mrs Hinch herself would be proud of. You'd better believe I've been looking for Minky products ever since Mrs Hinch shared them on her Instagram page. They seemed to be sold out for the longest time, a result of Hinch-mania. But I'm finally seeing them in different shops/supermarkets. And grabbing them whenever I get chance.

More household must-haves. We recently installed our new bathroom taps, and although they look fantastic, they are a bitch to keep clean. So I'm hopeful this Perfect Finish Stainless Steel cleaner will help with that. Also, I adore freshening up the carpets on the stairs and upper floor with 1001 Carpet Fresh. It keeps my house smelling fresh all week!

I just remembered where I bought all this. It was B&M. And I only remembered that because of the unicorn keyring, which was an impulse buy at the tills. 

And now you can see how I knew these photos date back to Easter. I couldn't resist this Blue Planet Easter Egg, mostly for the whale toy! And a few new magazines because, dammit, I do love a good magazine to read with a cup of tea (and a slice of cake!)

What have you been reading recently? 

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