Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Why I've Had Enough of Summer Already

I was going to write a listicle, detailing all the reasons I'm already hating Summer. Yes, I know, Summer hasn't even started yet. But Britain has had a string of suspiciously Summery weather recently and I'm already sick of the season. 

But as I was writing my list I realised that the majority of the reasons why I hate Summer are phobia based. Along with a number of other conditions, I have been diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder and that means I'm scared of everything. 

Okay, maybe not quite everything. But a hell of a lot of things.

Things like thunder and lightning. But mostly thunder. Which, I know, is ridiculous because it's the lightning that'll kill you. But something about the noise thunder makes sends me into a total panic. And thunderstorms tend to be at their worst when the weather turns hot and heavy.

Speaking of which, I cannot stand being sweaty. I've been known to take three, or more, showers in one day just to rinse off the sweat. Something about the feel of sweat on my skin sends me into a tailspin and I physically/emotionally/mentally cannot stand it. It's just the worst thing for me. So when temperatures soar, I know I'm in for a tough time.

Anything that flies scares me too. Air-planes, for one. Birds, bees, butterflies, too. And as soon as Summer rears it's ugly head, the bees and the butterflies come out in force. Which means I spend most of my time outdoors running away from something screaming. So, that's fun.

And finally, holidays. I know people take holidays all year round, it's not exclusive to Summer. But the Summer Holiday is a British institution, and it certainly seems as if the majority of my friends/family/neighbours take their holidays over Summer. I have a severe phobia of being away from home overnight. The last time I did was for our wedding night, nearly two years ago now. And I haven't been on a holiday in at least six. Years, that is. I'm convinced that if I'm away from home for just one night the house will fall down/catch fire/be broken into. And as much as I am desperate to get away for a Summer holiday, I just can't overcome that phobia yet. So I'm left browsing everyone's holiday pics on Facebook whilst feeling sick with envy.

So there you have it. It's not even Summer yet, and I'm already sick of it. And now you know why. Because I am afraid of pretty much everything Summer brings with it. 

Are you more Spring/Summer or Autumn/Winter?

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