Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Life Lately: May Edition!

If you've read my "May Favourites" post already, you'll know I'm so far behind with my blog posts right now. But I didn't want to skip my May monthlies, because May was an awesome month. So, humour me, and let me tell you all about what I got up to last month.

lots of flat-pack furniture building. The first weekend of May, we took a trip to Ikea for a new bookcase. We came away with a new bookcase and a new coffee table, and spent the rest of the day building our furniture. Our old friends, Barry and Margaret, came to visit and we enjoyed a lovely meal out at the local Indian. My husband, mother-in-law and I took part in a 10k walk in Bristol to raise money for Chrohns and Colitis. Such a big achievement for me. I caught up with my grandparents and went to Cardiff to see my mum. We went back to Bristol, for the third time in May, for my cousin's 16th birthday party. I still can't believe he's 16 already! Hubby and I spent a day exploring Moreton-in-Marsh on the last Bank Holiday of the month. And I spent a morning relaxing, drinking tea and eating cheesy chips with friends at a local camping/caravan park. Phew, May was quite a busy month really! Oh, I also found out I have a significant Folic Acid deficiency. So I'm on a three month course of prescription strength Folic Acid. I'm hopeful this will help both my tiredness levels and my fertility. 
Buying...a new bookcase needs new books, right? I bought SO MANY books in May that I've had to split my May-June Book Haul into three parts. I need to stop buying books now, though, because my new bookcase is basically full. Oops? 
Watching...BGT, of course. Britain's Got Talent returned to our screens last month, and it's a show I absolutely love. I enjoy getting chills from certain people's talents and performances. I adore seeing people getting the break they deserve. I love watching people make a fool out of themselves too. Seriously, why do some people even enter BGT? Are they paid to, just to make a tit of themselves? Still, at least it's entertaining!
Reading...lots of children's books. I've been revisiting my childhood in an effort to remind myself just why I love reading and to retrain my brain. Going back to basics has helped my brain relax a little and I'm now no longer so controlled by reading OCD. It's going to be a battle I'll have to fight all my life at times, but I now know I can overcome it. And that's the first step on the way to winning the war.
Spending...all my money on books. Actually, I've been spending a lot of my money in Primark. Going to Cardiff once a month means a monthly visit to one of the biggest Primarks I've ever seen. They have such a huge selection of home-ware, pyjamas, and more. Inevitably, every time I go in there I come out with a big bag of stuff!
Thinking new Agenda. After trying so many different planners this year, and not getting on with any of them, I've decided to go back to I never have a problem with their planners, and I fell in love with one of their new designs for the 2020 planner. It should be arriving at the end of June. And I can't wait!

One shelf from my new bookcase.

My new kitchen home-ware. Aren't the mugs adorable?!

Unicorn Gin is fast becoming my tipple of choice.

My handsome boy using his new scratching post as a bed.

Harley looks out at his friend, sitting at the end of our path.

What did you get up to in May? 

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