Monday, 10 June 2019

Let's Talk Babies: Are We Finally Getting Somewhere?

I'm still being refused treatment by the fertility specialists, due to my 'morbid obesity.' But after two years of pushing for a referral, I've finally been given a referral to gynaecology. Let me tell you how this came about.

I was sent for an ultrasound by my old GP. At the ultrasound, they thought they could see polyps on my womb but because I hadn't recently had a period they couldn't really tell. So they asked me to come back on Day 7 of my next period as the lining should have come away by then and they'd be able to get a better view of my womb then. My next ultrasound was scheduled for Day 10 of my cycle in the end. But at the ultrasound it was found that my lining hadn't shed. I was told it was too thick for where I was in my cycle. And I was given the glorious news that I'd finally be getting my referral to gynae.

They'll likely want to remove some of my endometrial lining and hope that it gives my body the kick up the backside it needs to start shedding the lining properly again. That removal process in itself may kick off my fertility and could well increase my chances of getting pregnant. I'll know more when I see the gynaecologist in around two weeks. Eek! 

I'm relieved I might finally get some answers. Whilst I know this appointment is primarily about the endometrial lining, my irregular periods and the pain I experience down there almost constantly, I'm also pretty confident this appointment will give me some insight into what's going on down there and how I can help my body accept a pregnancy.

And in other, related news. I recently had a blood test in an effort to figure out why I'm so damn tired all the time. My new GP tested for diabetes, thyroid, liver function, b12, folate levels, iron levels. The whole gamut. And the results are in. I'm substantially deficient in folic acid. Which, it turns out, is essential to a healthy pregnancy. I'm now on prescription strength folic acid tablets for 3 months. Hopefully in that time my folate levels will increase, and I'll start to feel less tired. But I'm also hoping as my levels rise, so might my fertility. 

Could it be that the answer to all my fertility problems is my low folic acid levels and my thickened endometrial lining? If that's all that's standing in my way, I feel confident I could be pregnant within a year or so.

I'm a little pissed off though. First, I've been asking for a referral to gynaecology for 2 years. I kept getting told to wait, to have this test done, that test done first. Even when I finally got this referral my interim GP told me he didn't see the point in it! I'm sorry, but I'd rather the gynaecologist make that decision and not this GP who knows nothing about me and my medical history. Also, if folic acid is so vital to a health pregnancy, why did it not occur to my old GP to run bloods to check my folate levels? A simple blood test is all it would have taken, and I could have been working on increasing my folic acid levels much sooner.

No point dwelling on what could have been though. This is where we are now, and I do feel like we are finally getting somewhere. I feel optimistic that we'll, at least, have some answers coming our way soon. And possibly even a pregnancy. Fingers crossed!

I'll share an update with you all after my gynae appointment!

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  1. Ah Aimee, this is such a positive step! Admittedly it should have taken no where near this long but solving those two things combined could really do the job. I always have my fingers crossed for you, I really hope this is the solution and things progress well from here on out. Can't wait to hear more updates.

    Danielle xo