Friday, 14 June 2019

Haul Post!

Hai guys. I've another haul post for you today. I can tell you that these hauls come mostly from as far back as February. The Valentine's themed hauls kinda give it away. So enjoy this little look back at what I've been buying (sort of) recently.

As well as unicorns, I'm a sucker for "His 'n' Hers" stuff. And these mugs, from Tesco of all places, were too pretty to pass up. I really shouldn't have bought anymore mugs, so to have bought three in the same shop was pretty bad. But how could I resist the unicorn one, too? Plus, I really wanted the unicorn teddy, so I just had to buy the mug! These Bath Ducks were disappointing though, they didn't float very well and soon went mouldy. 

Oh, look, another diary. I don't know why I keep buying Busy B diaries, they clearly don't work for me. I adore Busy b, and I use their wall calendar (pictured) and desktop calendar all the time. But I just don't get on with their diaries. Another Valentine's Day buy was this candle, from Tesco again, which smells amazing and looks so cute on my bookshelf.

Ooh, here comes a little Asos haul. I do love an Asos haul. I'd had my eye on this pen pot for ages, and had almost bought it a few times. But I held off. Till I had a bad day and decided to cheer myself up by going shopping. I also picked up the cutest portable power bank and a Case Mate which is v handy. 

Continuing the Asos haul, I treated myself to a new rucksack. Damn, I am all about that rucksack hype right now. It's so much easier to shop when you can just sling your back on your bag and have both your hands free for carrying all that shopping! Of course, I needed a new purse to go with my new bag. And I fell in love with this holographic make-up bag. I'm still using it today!

And here's the Desktop Calendar from Busy B I mentioned earlier. It sits on my bookshelf next to my desk so it's v handy for remembering what I'm doing and when. Also treated myself to some new bookmarks from Amazon because, lol, forever losing my bookmarks. And Aldi had some super cute unicorn/cat related homeware in a few weeks ago. How could I resist? 

What have you been buying lately? 

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