Sunday, 9 June 2019

Haul Post!

Guys, I am so behind on all my blog posts right now. I can't even be bothered to count how many photos I have sat in my "Haul Post" folder on my laptop right now, waiting to be included in a post. I won't make my haul posts any longer than they are usually, but you can expect to see at least one haul post from me a week whilst I try to play catch-up. Anyway, without further ado, here's a little look back at what I've been buying lately.

This year so far I must have tried at least five different diaries. And I've not got on with any of them. Truth be told, I'm missing my Agenda and feeling mighty stupid for deciding to get rid. I can't even remember why I thought that was a good idea at the time to be honest! This Busy B Diary went the way of it's predecessors and is now in the recycling bin. I do have a new one from WHSmith to try when July rolls around (because you can only get mid-year diaries now) but I'm really holding out for a new Agenda when they're released. 

I'm so lucky that my husband tolerates my love for all things pink and unicorn. Our whole house is covered in unicorns. I'd have unicorn wallpaper in every room if it were up to me. But he has put his foot down there unfortunately. Asda always have an amazing selection of unicorn homeware, which is where I picked up this unicorn ornament and candle holder. 

I'm utterly convinced that you could sell me anything, even a pile of sh*t, if it said the word "unicorn" on it. My husband ate the majority of these Unicorn Fancies. But I'm reliably informed they were delicious. I adore this top, £6 from Primark, but I recently dropped spaghetti down it and I can't get the stain out. I'll hopefully pick another one up next time I'm in Primark. Oh, and you can tell how old these photos are, as I have Christmas nails in the mug photo.

I was so excited for the release of Far Cry: New Dawn. Especially because I received a free in-game Unicorn Trike as a thanks for pre-ordering. And have I had time to play this game yet? Bearing in mind it arrived in March, I think? Nope. In between work, reading, my horses and my club, I just do not have the time. Hopefully I'll get around to it soon. I've stopped taking photos of bath bombs out of the packaging, especially when they're glittery. Guardian of the Forest was so glittery, but looked amazing in the bath when it fizzed away to a dark green colour.

I was so excited to try Soap & Glory's new haircare range. From the day I heard they were releasing a new haircare range, I was waiting with bated breath for the release. And I was there, in Boots, on release day to grab some. Unfortunately, I was left disappointed. The Weightless Shampoo and Conditioner did nothing for my hair. If anything, it made my hair greasy and dull looking. The Deep Cleansing Shampoo didn't do as good a job as Polytar, and was really horrible to rub on as it was gritty. The only product I liked, actually, was the Wonder Serum Multi-Action Leave-In Spray. I'm still using that today! Overall, I'd give Soap & Glory's haircare range a 2/10. Would not buy again.

Have you tried Soap & Glory's haircare range yet?

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