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Blog Tour: The Playground Murders by Lesley Thomson

Hey, readers! I know many of you are as book mad as I am, and that's why I'm especially excited for today's blog post. Because I've got an exclusive extract from Lesley Thomson's chilling thriller "The Playground Murders" for you. If you enjoy the extract, I'll pop all the links to where you can buy the book below. Happy reading!

"The group considered the furry mass. The cat was large with a collapsed tummy.
‘I think it’s old,’ Sarah decided. ‘Is it dead like Robbie’s dead?’
‘Yes,’ Nicola snapped at her.
‘Robbie didn’t get runned down,’ Sarah said.
‘No one said he did, darlin’.’ Danielle imitated her older sister Maxine being nice to Jason. ‘Best you go to bed. No nightmares.’ She yanked Sarah to her.
‘You can’t chop it up,’ Jason said. ‘It’s not yours.’
‘I’m a detective,’ Danielle repeated.
‘Can we play Doctors and Nurses with it?’ Sarah enquired.
‘It’s dead so it doesn’t need nursing or… doctoring.’ Danielle forgot to be nice.
‘Let’s pretend it’s alive. Like you did with Robbie,’ Sarah said.
‘Sarah!’ Lee snatched her hand. ‘We’re going. And don’t tell your Dad about this, OK?’
‘Ouch.’ Sarah squirmed crossly. ‘I want to stay for the chopping.’
‘We should tell the owner. They’ll be waiting to give it its tea,’ Nicola said. ‘When Spiderman didn’t come back, Robbie cried. I did too. He’d got stuck in next door’s shed. He was starving. Robbie was allowed to give him Whiskas with a fork.’
‘Robbie’s dead,’ Danielle said.
‘He wasn’t then. Spiderman is alive,’ Nicola mumbled.
‘Has this cat got a collar?’ Danielle wished Nicky would shove off. She folded her arms.
Kevin felt under the cat’s chin. Revolted, Jason sniggered. In his doctor’s voice, Kevin reported, ‘She doesn’t have no collar.’
‘A collar. Not no collar,’ Danielle barked. ‘You don’t know it’s a lady.’
‘It’s had babies, that’s why it’s all flabby like that.’ Kevin did sound like a doctor.
‘I know.’ Danielle tapped her front tooth. Her notion of a detective was derived mainly from Scooby-Doo. ‘We’ll call on everyone in the street and detect the owner. Kevin, you’re my sergeant.’
Kevin scrambled to his feet and stood next to Danielle, hands behind his back like a policeman.
‘There’s hundreds of houses in this street,’ Sarah said.
Everyone went quiet as they digested this.
‘Spiderman crosses the road as soon as he comes out,’ Nicola said at last. ‘He goes in a straight line. If this cat does that, it lives there.’ She waved a hand at the house behind them. A decorated Christmas tree sparkled in the window.
‘No. It’s down there,’ Danielle stated firmly.
‘How can you be sure?’ Nicola asked.
‘I keep saying, because I’m a detective. I’ll sling it behind there and people can work it out for themselves.’ Tiring of the operation, Danielle pointed at the memorial for the three dead policemen. She hauled up the cat in both hands. More blood spewed from its mouth. The children scattered like birds.
‘Dead! Dead! Dead!’ Jason did a war dance.
‘We should tell the owner since you know it’s them in that house,’ Lee stepped in.
‘I’ll do it.’ Nicola went along the pavement to the house where Danielle had said that the cat had lived.
Sarah dragged on her brother’s Harrington jacket. ‘Lee, I got to tell you a secret.’
‘Not now,’ Lee hissed.
‘There’s no one in,’ Nicola said."

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