Monday, 13 May 2019

Caring For Your Glasses* || With Snapit

Hands up if you wear glasses. Now keep your hand up if you've ever suffered the agony of that teeny tiny little screw that holds your glasses together falling out. Frustrating, isn't it? If you're lucky enough to find the screw after it's fallen out in the first place, you've then got to go to the trouble of finding a small enough screwdriver. Which, it seems, you can only ever get in Christmas crackers. Am I right? Then you've got the super fiddly job of fitting the screw back in. It's a process that can take hours and, if you're anything like me, results in you resorting to taping your glasses back together instead. 

But Snapit* have come to the aid of all us glasses wearers with their revolutionary new Eyeglass Repair Kit. To fix the problem of a time consuming and sometimes impossible task, Snapit have created a screw with a long, smooth lower body that simply drops into the hinge with ease. Once screwed down, the lower body is simply snapped off. 

Drop it. Screw it. Snap it.

It really couldn't be easier! And the instructions are laid out plainly and simply on the back of the Eyeglasses Repair Kit should you need to refer back to them at any point. So what does the Eyeglasses Repair Kit include? 

- Five screws (each a different length/thickness designed to fit just about any pair of spectacles or sunglasses)
One screwdriver

And all held inside a plastic tube for easy transportation. Because anyone who wears glasses knows that the screw is bound to fall out when you're away from home, A.K.A. the most inconvenient time. Snapit's Eyeglasses Repair Kit can be carried in your suitcase, your handbag or even in your pocket.

Now, I haven't had the chance to trial this product yet, because annoyingly my glasses are still in one piece. I did toy with the idea of purposefully breaking one arm just to trial this kit, but that seemed a tad extreme. It is also just occurring to me that I could have unscrewed the current screw and replaced it with a Snapit screw. But again it just feels like a bit of a waste. I'd rather keep this kit handy for that inevitable day my glasses decide to break. Because it's bound to happen sooner or later. 

The reviews for this product on Amazon are overwhelmingly positive, with comments such as "It makes a very hard task very simple" and "Snapit makes the job quick and easy." And for just £2.99 plus free next day delivery for Prime customers, I think this is v worthwhile investment. And thanks to Snapit I've got one of their Eyeglass Repair Kits to give away to one lucky reader! Read on for more information on how to enter. Good luck!

Win A Snapit Glasses Repair Kit #19

Glasses Wearers: Will you be buying Snapit's Eyeglasses Repair Kit to keep handy for those inevitable accidents?

*This product was sent to me in exchange for a review. All words and opinions are my own.

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