Friday, 17 May 2019

April Favourites!

Oof, April feels like such a long time ago now. I'm so behind on blog posts right now. You want to know why? Well, I took a break from blogging because, truthfully, I fell out of love with my blog. I had a Pipdig theme (if you aren't aware of the Pipdig scandal, search for them on Twitter and you'll soon be all caught up) and I didn't have the resources to install a new theme for a while. But, as some of you may have noticed, I now have a shiny new theme and I'm very much in love with my blog again. And excited to share some new posts with you all! But first, I gotta catch you up with my monthly regulars. So here's just a few of my favourite things from April...

Easter nails, baby. Decided to go for a Mini Eggs look this time around, in keeping with the main event in April and my love for chocolate. I was not disappointed. I got so many compliments on my nails, and people commenting that they look like Mini Eggs. Maybe they didn't realise that was my intention?

I hadn't read a five star book this year. And then along came Speak, by Laurie Halse Anderson, with the graphic novel telling the story of a teenage girl raped at a party who's too afraid to speak up. Instead she's picked on, bullied and pushed out by her peers who blame her for calling the cops on the party, without knowing the truth behind why she called them. A shockingly emotional story, and the illustrations just make it that much more powerful. Loved it!

Guess who went to the zoo? This gal. And her hubby. We went to Dudley Zoo for the first time over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend, and it was AMAZING. They had sea lions, and we arrived just in time to see them being fed. And I got this great shot of their little red panda sleeping in a tree. He had his back to us at first, but he turned to face us and I whipped my camera out at just the right time. 

I haven't had a hot chocolate since...January. Despite the fact I spent #Dechox dreaming about hot chocolates. Turns out Costa have introduced a White Hot Chocolate to their menu, as I found out when I went out on a coffee date with a friend at the end of April. It was TO DIE FOR. You'd better believe I got the biggest size available, and I enjoyed every single sip.

Guess who finally got to have a bath again for the first time in like five weeks?! I mean, I've been showering. But our bath has been out of order whilst we wait for someone to fit our new taps (starting to think it'd be quicker if I did it myself to be honest!) I spent a lush hour in the tub at my in-laws house on Easter Sunday, and then enjoyed a delicious roast dinner cooked by my MIL after. Perfect Sunday? I think so!

And finally, my favourite photo from April was taken at Dudley Zoo. I was disappointed when I couldn't see the Red Panda at first, but my husband soon pointed him out high up in the trees. He had his back to us at first, but after a few minutes of watching and waiting he turned around to give me the perfect shot.

Tell me one of your favourite things from April!

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