Tuesday, 16 April 2019

April Goals!

I can't believe we're here already. March? Where'd you go?! I am excited for April, not gonna lie. I'm excited for sunnier days, warmer weather, washing on the line and lighter nights. But before I get too wrapped up in the wonders of April, I want to cast back over March and check in on my March goals. Let's see how I got on with them, shall we? 

1. Read, at least, seven books. I'm slowly overcoming my reading OCD. It's a slog, but I'm definitely getting there. March saw me read ten books, so I definitely smashed this goal!

2. Get into a daily skincare routine. Bahahaha. That didn't happen. I'm just too lazy. 

3. Quit a bad habit. Can my bad habit be quitting stuff? And I quit quitting stuff? So I succeeded? No. Thought not. Meh.

I'd hoped to fare better with just three goals. Clearly not. To be honest, I totally forgot about my goals during most of March. And the month seemed to whizz by. So I'm not totally to blame, right? Whatever. I'll try harder in April! Here are my goals for the month ahead.

1. Save some money. I really want to start building up my savings account. Even if it's just a few quid here and there, I want to divert some of my income into my savings account and finally get myself some savings.

2. Read, at least, ten books. Building on last month's success, I want to make April the month I really up my reading game and get through, at least, ten books. Hopefully more!

3. Revamp my blog. I've fallen out of love with my blog recently. And I'm hoping a revamp/refresh might be just the answer. Keep your eyes peeled for the new look coming later this month!

What are your goals for April? 

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