Sunday, 31 March 2019

Love Your Mum This Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!

Now I want to start this post by sending all my love and positive thoughts to those struggling with loss this Mother's Day. And also to those with absent mums, neglectful mums, sick mums etc. I know Mother's Day can be a struggle for some, but I also know it's all too easy to take our mums for granted. We accept their presence, and it never really occurs to us until it's too late that they won't always be there. So here's five reasons why you should tell your mum you love her today. Especially today, it being Mother's Day and all.

1. It'll make her day. Those three little words from you will make your mums whole day. And who doesn't want to make their mum's day a little brighter?

2. She won't always be around to hear it. Ask anyone who has lost their mum, and they'll likely tell you they wish they'd said "I love you" more often. Because our mums are only human, and one day they'll be gone. And there'll be no more chances to tell your mum you love her once she's gone. So don't delay. Say it today. And as often as you can!

3. She gave you life. Even the shittiest of mothers deserve some respect, love and appreciation for the fact that they laboured often for a day or longer and in awful pain to bring you into this world. It's quite simple. Without them, you wouldn't be alive today. 

4.  Poo/Puke/Pee. Assuming your mum cared for your throughout your childhood, she changed your dirty nappies, got puked on more times than she can count, and probably ended up covered in pee and poop on even more occasions. And she still loves you, despite the 'ick' factor. Respect, mum. Respect.

5. Mother's Day. We shouldn't really need a day to remind us to celebrate our mums. But there it is. It's a timely reminder, if we need it, to call our mums up. Tell them we love them. Share a funny memory or anecdote. Buy them something little that you know they'll love. Spend the day with them, and make the most of your time together.

So don't delay. Pick up the phone and call your mum today!

How do you celebrate Mother's Day? 

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  1. Aimee, sometimes, it's just the simple things that carry the most weight. I love, love, love this post. I often butt heads with my Mama. But, over the years, I have been able to share with her my weird thinking patterns and even unraveled a whole family history with mental illness. So, so grateful for moms everywhere--and my mom is an absolute joy to have around. Hope you have a wonderful week, Aimee.