Monday, 18 March 2019

Life With A Cat - Four Years On!

This month marks four years since we bought our little tuxedo cat, Harley, home. In some ways, it feels like just yesterday he arrived in our lives and turned everything around. But in other ways, it feels like he's been a part of our family for so much longer. We certainly couldn't picture life without him now, though, that's for sure! I thought I'd share a few photos of a baby Harley - looking back at these photos makes me feel such strong waves of nostalgia. I do miss the kitten phase. He was a whirlwind of energy; tearing around like a thing possessed. And then he'd crash, and fall asleep cradled in my arms, just like a human baby. Now I'm lucky if he lets me pick him up for more than two minutes! He's also now the same age as my husband, or thereabouts, in cat years!

Owning a cat is hard work. Sure, they're independent. They like to spend time on their own. They don't need a lot of effort. Unlike dogs who need a lot of interaction, walks and time with humans. But owning a house cat, as we do, means that some of the independence of an outdoor cat wears off. And suddenly this little cat is much more reliant on you than you may initially have thought. He needs interaction from his hoomans. He needs regular playtime. He needs regular mealtimes, as he can't hunt for his own food. We have to monitor his weight, as indoor cats are more likely to pile on the weight than others. There's a lot more work to put in when you have an indoor cat. But we wouldn't change it for the world.

Despite our sofas having sizeable holes ripped in the sides and a kitchen floor that is more often than not covered in kitty litter, we wouldn't ever give up our furbaby. He brings us so much joy. From his mad moments tearing around the house, where you'd be forgiven for thinking a herd of elephants lived upstairs, to his curiosity whenever something new is bought into the house. He never fails to put a smile on my face. He knows when I'm sad, and spends a lot more time by my side, letting me stroke and pet him. He's a total daddy's boy, and couldn't be more excited when his daddy arrives home from work. He's such a little character, and it's been a pleasure watching him grow. Here's to many more years with this little fella in our lives.

Are you a cat momma? 

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  1. He's so cute! We just got our cat a few weeks ago and we love her so much already!

    Corinne x