Monday, 4 March 2019

Life Lately: February Edition!

Did anyone notice my absence? I won't blame you if you didn't! But I did take a three week break from my blog, and I feel so much better for it! I guess you could say I lost my mojo. But I'm v happy to report that my mojo seems to have made a comeback, and I'm excited to return to blogging. And I've got my monthlies to catch up on; Life Lately, Favourites, Goals and Reading Wrap-Up/TBR. So, without further ado, I present to you...a little life update!

Doing...quite a lot, actually. This year, I'm prioritising 'me-time' and for me that means keeping one of my two days off during the week free from any social commitments. Whether I end up staying in bed all day, doing some chores, reading, shopping, or even for an impromptu social gathering is up to me. But just knowing I have that one free day a week has improved my mental health massively! I still manage to squeeze in lots of time with friends and family though, and in February I

- Caught up with an old school friend I hadn't seen in 10+ years
- Spent time with my grandparents
- Visited the in-laws
- Went on a day trip to Cardiff with my best friend
- Caught up with my neighbour over lunch
- Got my nails did 
- Had my second ultrasound
- Celebrated Valentine's Day with hubby - our second as Mr and Mrs!

Buying...waaaayyyy too many books. Seriously. My bookshelves are out of control now. And I've got plenty more pre-orders to come over the next 10 months. Eek! I also went a little bit crazy in Claire's Accessories the other day. They have so much cute stuff! I don't think I'd been in Claire's since my teenage years to be honest, so I was overwhelmed by all the cuteness. Look out for that haul in a new haul post coming soon!
Watching...I've been catching up on one of my fave TV shows, Hospital, this month. I'm all caught up now, and now busy catching up with The Secret Life of the Zoo. Which usually makes me cry. I also watched Netflix's Abducted in Plain Sight. And all I have to say about that is...WTF?! Please, tell me your thoughts if you've watched it in the comments below. I need to talk about this show with someone!
Listening to...some oldies but goodies. Like, Meat Loaf, Abba, and Queen. I do love singing along to Bohemian Rhapsody at the top of my lungs!
Spending...the whole month without chocolate. I took part in #dechox, pledging to go without all things chocolate for the month of February, to raise money for The British Heart Foundation. It's been hard, because I really fucking love chocolate. But I'm proud of myself for the achievement and the money I've raised!
Planning...on eating all the chocolate over the next few months. Easter is coming, guys! I've already got some Ferrero Rocher and Kinder Bueno eggs in my sweet tin. Aldi are also selling Mini Eggs Easter Eggs, and others, for just £1. So I know where I'll be going to stock up!

One of many book hauls

Valentine's Day!

Morning snuggles in bed with my boy <3

A crowded bath

Remember, if you've watched Netflix's Abducted in Plain Sight, let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


  1. How many book do you read a week? I am barely copying to read a book a month. Anyway hope you re well. I have a little book haul on my blog .

  2. I love this post! It's great having an insight into what you've been up to and I can totally relate to "I really fucking love chocolate" although my teeth have been super sensitive to it recently which is HEARTBREAKING...I have no idea why! Been taking extra good care of my mouth due to the lack of chocolate the pain in causing but it's a lost cause at the moment. Well done on being able to resist for a whole month! My reading list for the year is relatively small so far but already has an estimated value of £100...can't believe it! I look forward to reading more from you in the future. All the best - Amy x