Friday, 22 March 2019

Haul Post!

Oh yes, it's time for another haul post! Most of the hauls in this post are from just before Christmas 2018. A few are from January 2019, and probably belong in my January Sales Haul. But I'll pop them in this post instead. Because, why not? So grab a cuppa and some biccies. It's time to dive back into what I've been buying recently.


December saw me go a bit magazine crazy. A habit that left me financially worse off, and that saw me still working through the pile of magazines I'd collected in February 2019. I'm pleased to report, I've finally worked my way through the huge stack, and am planning to buy only 3-5 magazines a month going forwards. That's much more manageable, at least!

After failing to find any pretty, comfortable and warm jumpers/cardigans in Primark, I hit up Asda. And was pleasantly surprised. I'm very fussy when it comes to jumpers/cardigans. I like them to be loose, to have the option to do up or to leave open. Which makes finding the perfect jumper/cardigan tricky! But I found two perfect jumpers/cardigans in Asda, and quickly snapped them up. I also picked up a word search, because I do enjoy a word search when I've had enough of screen time but don't fancy picking up a book!

My first Funky Pins purchase! And it couldn't be more appropriate for me really, could it? I have huge lapels on my new coat (also from Asda, by the way) that are just perfect for pin badges. In my last haul post, I shared the Harry Potter Hufflepuff badge I picked up in Hamleys. I then ordered this Funky Pins badge for the opposite lapel. I'm sure I'll be buying more in the not so distant future, too. I broke my finger in December, so I needed some new gloves that didn't have fingers, as mine were taped together. Asda rode to the rescue again, and also came up good with this wonderful Christmas jumper. Never owned, or worn, a Christmas jumper before. But you better believe I barely took this one off over the festive period.

More magazines. Now you might be getting an idea of just how bad my magazine habit got, and believe me, this isn't even half of the collection! Also picked up a new bra in December, as Bravissimo had a new design in my favourite bra style. 

These probably belong in the January Sales Haul. Although, I recall now that I picked these up a week or so before Christmas. Steph had come to Tewkesbury to exchange Christmas presents, and we had a little mooch around Tewkesbury town. There's not a lot to mooch around tbh, but a few decent second-hand bookshops! Popping into Peacocks, I spotted these cute Christmas decorations, all for something daft like 50p each. So I picked up a few. I keep the Castle, Dream Catcher and the Home decoration out all year round, because I don't think they are particularly Christmassy. Santa's Magic Dust has gone back up in the attic ready for next Christmas, though!

Mad Beauty have the cutest Hand Sanitizers. Cutest, and practical! I love that Peacocks sell them, as it saves me bulk buying online to allow for the postage cost. Herbal Essences are my go-to haircare range, and I love their Daily Detox range. I'm a sucker for a limited edition scent, so when I saw this, festive AF, bottle of comfort (frosted pine and apple) I had to have one!

What have you been buying recently? 

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  1. Lovely post Aimee and sorry for the late comment to this one. I love those independent magazines you have bought, it really inspired me to pick up some for myself. I was browsing some similar in Morrison’s before my holiday, maybe I’ll treat myself to one. Flow and In The Moment look fab!! :-) xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog