Friday, 1 February 2019

January Favourites!

It's February! 2019 is well underway, and January actually seemed to fly by. I always dread January, as it usually seems to drag. But not this year. Maybe time really does speed up the older you get? Anyway, before I get too excited for the month ahead, here's a quick look back at a few of my favourite things from January.

Lush baths are one of my favourite things to do in the cold, winter months. I'm working my way through my huge Lush bath bomb/bubble bar collection. This one was the Calavera Bath Bomb from Lush's Community Favourites collection. It smelt amazing, looks gorgeous, and released lots of Marigold petals as it fizzed away.

I've been reading lots of magazines this month, across a wide range of genres. From true crime to mental health, women's glossies to cat mags. I've been reading them all. But I'm particularly fond of new, to me anyway, mental health mag Happiful. Such an inspiring, uplifting, positive magazine filled with lots of helpful tips and advice for those struggling with their mental health. A must read, then!

Speaking of reads. I've received so much v exciting book mail lately. But The Adults, by Caroline Hulse, was by far the most exciting. Mostly because, they included chocolate in the package. And we all know how much I love chocolate. But also because The Adults promises to be a light, funny, festive read that I am v much looking forward to reading. 

One of my favourite shows on the telly is back for a new series. SAS: Who Dares Wins is one of the few shows hubby and I both enjoy, hence it's one of the few occasions we spend together in front of the telly. The inclusion of women in this series is a welcome change, and I'm super impressed with the strength and resilience of all the participants this year so far.

My favourite tune this month is Halsey's Without Me. This has been on repeat in my car, in the shower, in the kitchen. Wherever, whenever. I'm usually found singing/dancing along to this absolute banger of a tune. 

Tell me one of your favourite things from January in the comments section below!

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