Friday, 8 February 2019

January Book Haul!

How is it that I never really realise how many books I've bought each month until I come to edit the photos of all my recent book hauls? This month has seen me go totally berserk with book buying - from second hand, to sales, to supermarket, to brand new. I've bought a lot of books! Going forward into February, I intend to curb my spending on books by buying, gulp, zero books. I do, however, have quite a few books pre-ordered from Amazon. So I'll likely still have a monthly Book Haul going forward, where I share my pre-orders, but they will (hopefully) be a lot shorter than this one's going to be. So get comfy and enjoy a little look back at the books I've been buying in January.

Okay, technically I didn't buy this one. The Adults, by Caroline Hulse, was sent to me in exchange for a review. So keep an eye out for that on the blog soon. This promises to be a hilarious, festive read. And the addition of the chocolates and the poster were very welcome!

Another one not technically bought by me, but sent to me in exchange for a review. Keep an eye out for that one coming to the blog soon! This promises to be a gripping thriller, and I'm keen to get cracking on it!

Another book sent to me in exchange for a review - January seems to have been a month for it! I have a huge pile of books to read and review now. Not that I'm complaining. Please, publishers, keep sending them my way! I love it. Louis and Louise by Julie Cohen is not my usual sort of read, but I was intrigued by the premise and am excited to read something so far out of my reading comfort zone.

Yet another book that was sent to me in exchange for a review! This is an intriguing, twisty thriller that I'm keen to get stuck into. Keep an eye out for the review coming to the blog soon.

65 books bought, if I don't end up buying more before February rolls around. I'm trying to get all the book buying out of my system so that I can stop buying books going forward! That's my excuse, anyway, and I'm sticking to it.

What books have you bought recently? 

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  1. Wow ! That s a lot . what is The Adults (1st picture) one about ? Any good?