Sunday, 20 January 2019

Living an Imperfect Life || With The Imperfect Life Planner

We all know I'm a sucker for a planner, don't we? If you didn't already, just take a look back over some of my posts. You'll find I buy a new planner, oh, every 2-3 months! I'm addicted to organisers. They make me feel like I have my life in order, even if I really really don't. And usually I don't. This year, thanks to Kirsty, I'm trialling a brand new to me planner. A planner called The Imperfect Life Planner. And I wanted to share the deets with you!

First  up, what is The Imperfect Life Planner? Well, this is what it says on the first page of the 2019 planner. 

"The Imperfect Life Planner is a movement, an imperfect revolution if you will.

It's where you stop trying to create a life that you think you should have, and start listening to your own, most powerful instincts instead.

It's when you become skilled at not pursuing perfection, and instead go pro at hunting imperfection.

It's your safe place where you can be 100% yourself, forget what others might think, learn how and why you should showcase your flaws and mistakes, and not try to hide them.

It's a way of life that's all about finding your happy.

So let's go find it shall we?"

As it says, then, The Imperfect Life Planner is designed to help you accept imperfection and eschew perfection. So it's perfect for the perfectionists among us, like me. I mean, I've been known to throw away a pretty much brand new diary because I made a mistake on the first page. That's how much of a perfectionist I am. So embracing imperfection is not going to be easy for me. But if anyone can help me, Kerry (the creator of The Imperfect Life Planner) can!

Oh, and did I mention, there's stickers?!

Whilst I really do love what this planner is all about, and the format of it, I will say it's a bit on the chunky page. With a day to a page, and plenty of space for notes and goal setting, this isn't a planner you're going to want to carry around in your handbag. Unless you're trying to break your back, that is. That being said, it's the perfect planner in so many ways. Not least because you can pick it up at the end of the day and reflect back on what went wrong and what went right with your day using the Happiness Bank and the Mistake Log.

There's also plenty of opportunities to set out goals. In fact, The Imperfect Life Planner encourages you to set small goals throughout the year to help you reach your big goals.. And at the end of each week, and each month, you're given the space to reflect on the past week/month and list what went wrong and what went right in working towards your main goals. There's plenty of space for note-making. And at the start of each month there's a cute, inspirational design for you to colour in.

There's space to plan out your year, your month, your week, and your day in detail. I adore the layout of the day pages. Especially the inclusion of the to-do list. I'm a huge fan of the to-do list. There's also space each day to meal plan, which is great for me as I'm trying to eat healthier this year. And I really do love reflecting back on my day at the end of each day. It's a very nice feeling to focus on what you did right and how you're working towards your goals. It also helps keep you accountable as the diary is always helping you work towards your main goals.

Overall, I'm so in love with The Imperfect Life Planner so far. And I'm very excited to continue using this throughout the rest of 2019. My only complaint would be in it's size, and that maybe they could bring out a compact planner for those who'd like to keep it in their handbags? I'll let you know at the end of the year if I still love this planner, and if I'll be purchasing it again for 2020.

You can buy The Imperfect Life Planner here.

Do you have an Imperfect Life Planner?


  1. This sounds incredible - I love the stickers!! I alsways get so wrapped up in the idea of making my life (and diary) perfect that this sounds great. I'm a fan of a big planner because it helps me visualise things, so this sounds perf!

    Steph -

  2. This looks like a really nice journal for planning! I'm currently using the Erin Condren planner, as I liked the bright colours! :) Tania Michele xx