Monday, 14 January 2019

2019 Resolutions!

Okay, I can't quite believe we're here already. But it's that time again. Time to set some New Year's Resolutions. 2019. Eek. How did that happen?! Swear to god, I blinked and missed 2018. Anyone else? Anyway, here we are, in 2019. And I've got some personal and blog related goals in mind for the year ahead. Let's take a look at them, shall we? 

1. Lose six stone. I'm determined to make this the year I lose weight, get fit and get healthy. If I lose six stone, I'll be in the BMI range to receive fertility help from the NHS too, should we need it.

2. Exercise regularly. My current exercise plan at the time of writing this is; swimming twice a week. Plus, I run up and down our stairs as many times as I can every morning, followed by step-ups, push-ups and sit-ups. I can do this!

3. Read 150 books. I like to up my reading goals every year. Last year I aimed for 130, and hit 132. This year I'm going for 150. 

4. Stop a bad habit. I've got a few of these, but there's one in particular I have in mind to quit this year. I'm three days without it at the time of writing this, so fingers crossed I've got this. 

5. Curb my spending. Anyone who follows my blog or my IG will know I'm a shopping queen. I genuinely believe I may actually be addicted to shopping. So it's not going to be easy to quit it. But I want to avoid using my credit card all year, and only spending what disposable income I have left after bills, debt repayments etc.

1. Redesign my blog. I have in mind someone to completely redesign my blog and give it a fresh new look this year. Watch this space!

2. Meet another blog friend IRL. I'm hoping to make this the year I meet Llinos and Molly. 

3. Reach 4K on Twitter. I'm currently at 2.7K so with a bit of work I feel like this is possible.

4. Reach 400 followers on Bloglovin'. I'm currently at 243, and this seems plausible. Assuming people still use BL. Do people still use BL? I hope so.

5. Reach 2.5K on Instagram. This is going to be a toughie, as I seem to lose followers faster than I gain them on IG. But we'll give it a go. 

6. Reach 350 likes on Facebook. Why doesn't Facebook like me? I currently have 182 likes. So 350 might be a bit of a stretch, but we'll see!

7. Work with 10 new to my blog brands/companies. I had such a great time last year working with so many new brands/companies/authors/etc that I want to do the same this year!

8. Take some time off. I suffered quite badly with blog burnout last year, and found myself falling out of love with my blog. When you start to view blogging as a chore, you know you're doing it wrong. This year, I'm going to take more time off so I don't feel the same way towards my blog again.

9. Create new regular content. I want to create some new, monthly content to run alongside the current posts I create monthly.

10. Use IG Stories regularly. I love IG Stories. But I'm guilty of only using it when I have something exciting to show. I want to use it daily to effectively vlog my life, for anyone who might be interested!

And that's it. My personal and blog related goals laid out for all to see. I need you guys to hold me accountable for these. I really want to tick them all off by the end of 2019. I'll be so happy if I can. I usually only set myself 3 personal goals, so as not to overdo it. But this year there's so much I want to achieve, I had to set it to 5. My biggest goal for this year is to get healthy, lose weight and get pregnant. Or get the help we need to get pregnant, if it comes to that. Although I am hoping that losing weight will help with the old baby making anyway! Wish me luck, guys!

What are your goals for 2019?


  1. I always love reading your 'goals' posts. Ive decided that this year I'm going to focus on my blog more than ever and make it into a mini business/side hustle. I'm sure that with a bit of hard work and dedication we can both achieve our goals for 2019!


  2. Eeeek I really hope 2019 sees you hit all of your goals!! I'm hoping for 60 books this year (I wish I could read as fast as you!)

    Steph -