Sunday, 9 December 2018

Lush Community Favourites Haul!

If you didn't already know, Lush recently released a load of new bath bombs based on your favourites. If you didn't already know, then you're obviously not much of a Lush fan. Because within a day or two of this collection being released, you'd better believe I was on their site and placing an order. Yep, I bought all twelve Community Favourites Bath Bombs. And today I'm going to share what they are and what the mysterious thirteenth bath bomb I picked up that wasn't a Community Favourite is.

So, going from right to left, front to back, let's get started...

- Marshmallow World. Which smells, you guessed it, like a sweet shop. Vanilla scented with a touch of of strawberry. Includes Marshmallow powder to soothe and soften, and granulated sugar to add a sugary flourish. Lush promise "you'll smell good enough to eat."

- Melusine. A mesmerising mermaid bath bomb, with sweet lemon and cheerful bergamot oil to lift your senses. A pinch of Carrageenan extract hydrates the skin.

- Blackberry. A returning fruity favourite. Fizzing into lovely lilac waters, with a sweet but earthy fragrance, this bath bomb releases woody olibanum for hydration. Limonene adds an uplifting, clarifying kick.

- The Comforter. This cloud like ball of cassis will help you unwind. A blanket of blackcurrant comforts and a blast of bergamot oil refreshes and revives. Soothing cypress oil ushers in comfort and joy.

- Calavera. A mix of spicy olibanum, lime and neroli oil sure to revive you. Releases marigold petals as it fizzes.

- The Olive Branch. Citrus-clad cocktail of bergamot, lemon and Sicilian red mandarin. A trio of zesty oils brighten and revive the skin, while a reassuring aroma of orange flower absolute creates a subtle but sophisticated scent.

- Golden PearA fresh and fruity bath bomb, with invigorating cardamom oil to fill the steam with notes of spiced fruits. A zesty Brazilian orange oil clears the mind.

- Tender Is The Night. Ylang ylang tumbles into vanilla absolute, while floral jasmine interweaves a deeper, sweeter note.

- Yuzu and Cocoa. Swells of citrus collide with tides of chocolate. Cocoa and tonka calm the skin and a zesty embrace of grapefruit and bergamot oils cleanse and brighten.

- Yog Nog. The essence of Winter. Infused with lashings of cocoa butter, shea butter, spicy clove and floral ylang ylang.

- Mystery Bath Bomb.

- So White. Envelopes you in a softening apple and rose scented waters. 

- Honey I Washed The Kids. A caramelly bath bomb which dissolves into butterscotch-like steam. Organic cocoa butter and extra virgin olive oil give your skin a health dose of hydration. A touch of aloe vera calms and relieves. 

And now, the Mystery Bath Bomb. Lush fans will probably already know what it is from the picture, but here's some info on the only other bath bomb I picked up in my latest Lush haul that wasn't from the Community Favourites. 

- Goddess. Jasmine absolute seduces you into lilac and silver waters. The darkness of oudh and the richness of sandalwood keep you there, lingering a little longer. Precious ingredients for a true goddess.

And that's my latest Lush haul! I'll have a blog post going live v soon about my Lush Christmas haul, so keep an eye out for that!

Are you a Lushie? 

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