Sunday, 16 December 2018

Lush Christmas Haul!

Ho ho ho... Yep, Christmas is well and truly upon us now, guys. With only one week to go till Christmas Eve, I thought it was high time I shared with you my Lush Christmas haul. With a bit of luck, some of these products will still be available in Lush stores and/or online if you want to get your hands on them! Here's what I picked up from the Lush Christmas collection (from left to right, back to front).

- Perle De Sel Bath Bomb. Hand pressed and draped in golden salt, with evocative, yet delicate, rose absolute to balance and calm. Floral Cassie relaxes, soothes and pampers.

- Snow Fairy Body Spray. Super sweet treat featuring bubblegum and candy floss scents. A little goes a long way.

- Sleepy Shower Gel. Soothing, softening wash of oat milk and carrageenan extract. The calming lavender infusion and lavender oil help you sleep tight. While Ylang Ylang oil washes away your worries.

- Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb. Mood brightening, zesty bergamot oil and juicy cassis give a sweet reassuring soak. Cypress oils give a joyful, refreshed feel. 

- Golden Wonder Bath Bomb. This parcel of lustre and cognac oil will create a bath time splendour.

- The World's Smallest Disco Bath BombUplifting lime and grapefruit oils dance in the air. Also featuring cognac oils.

- Butterbear Shower Jelly. A comforting bear huge of Fair Trade organic cocoa butter. Ylang ylang oil lifts moods, while carrageenan extract gives this jelly its jiggle.

- Holey Night Bath Bomb. Softening soya milk powder lands with a brightening sunburst of Sicilian lemon oil.

- Candy Mountain Yule Log Bubble Bar. Candy floss, vanilla, Fair Trade cocoa and shea butter soften skin in the warm water. This is a delightfully sweet treat.

- Naughty Elf Bubble Bar. Mango leaf absolute balanced with pettigrain oil. Fragrant jasmine absolute and lemon myrtle oil mix with verdant violet leaf absolute.

- Cheery Christmas Bath Bomb. Sicilian lemon oil refreshes as blackcurrant scented buchu oil spreads the cheer.

- Candy Cane Bubble Bar. Double stripe of bergamot oil and Sicilian lemon oils create a fruity fresh fragrance.

And that's what I picked out from Lush's Christmas collection 2018. I love their range this year, although there are many bath bombs, shower gels, and bubble bars from previous years that I've loved and that, sadly, haven't made a return this year. I picked out quite a few new products this year, but I picked up a few favourites too. Golden Wonder is my all-time favourite Lush Christmas bath bomb. And I do love anything Snow Fairy scented. I'm already excited for next year's Christmas collection now!

If I've inspired you to pick up some bits from the Lush Christmas collection, you can shop the range here.

Have you bought any Lush Christmas bits?

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