Sunday, 4 November 2018

November Goals!

How on earth is it November already? I just can't wrap my head around it, to be honest. The year has just flown by and now we're almost into 2019! 

I'm not going to recap on my October goals because everything went to hell. I was ill with the flu, and then an inner ear infection. And I just had zero motivation. But I'm going into November full of motivation to make the last two months of 2018 a great one! So here are my goals for this month...

1. Read for 30 minutes every night. I used to really love reading before bed, but this has slipped somewhat recently. I want to make it a habit to read, even for just 30 minutes, before bed every night. 

2. Finish Christmas shopping. I'm super organised this year, for perhaps the first time ever. I want to finish what's left of my Christmas shopping this month, so I can just relax and enjoy December!

3. Write out Christmas cards. And in the spirit of being more organised and making December a month to relax in, I want to get all my Christmas cards written out this month. 

4. Buy zero books. All month. Eek. This one will be hard. But ultimately I want to go four months without buying a single book - November, December, January, and February. And then maybe I'll make a dent in the pile of books by my sofa threatening to fall on, and kill, me! 

5. Get a flu jab. As I've already been struck down with the flu once so far this Autumn/Winter, I want to try to make sure it doesn't happen again by getting a flu jab.

And those are my goals for November! Wish me luck. Hopefully I'll do better with these goals than with last month's goals!

What are your goals for November? 

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