Sunday, 25 November 2018

Haul Post!

It looks like you're getting weekly haul posts at the moment, guys. Aren't you lucky?! These are some of my most popular posts, actually. I think we all like to be a little nosy and see what others have been buying. It may even inspire you, who knows! And with Christmas around the corner, maybe you'll find something in my haul posts that you think would be just great for your wife/mum/sister/friend. So here's what I've been buying lately. Enjoy!

Cool haul, eh? Funny story, though. I requested, through their website, a free sample of  Nature's Menu True Instinct cat food. When they said 'free sample,' I imagined a small sachet or pouch. Wouldn't you? So when I received an email to say they were delivering my sample via DPD, I was surprised. Why send something so small via a courier? Just send it through the post! But when it turned up, I realised why they'd sent it via a courier. It was a huge great sack of cat food! So not what I was expecting, for a free sample, but I'm v grateful nonetheless. Also, I'm a sucker for anything Halloween, so of course I've been buying lots of Halloween chocolates, sweets and even Capri-Sun. And with Christmas approaching, I've been excitedly buying up all kinds of Christmas treats. Even mince pies!

OMG. I wanted the Unicorn Backpack, from Asda, the moment I first set eyes on myself. But, trying to be sensible, I decided not to buy it there and then. I think I was waiting on payday. But when payday came around and I went back to the store, there were none left! I was so disappointed. But a matter of weeks later, when I returned to do the weekly grocery shop, I found the Unicorn Backpack back in stock AND half-price. I got it for just £5, and I'm so glad I held out. It's a fab backpack, but it's even more fab because I a) waited for it and b) got it for a fraction of the price. A new bag means a new purse, obvs. I do love treating myself to some flowers; they really brighten up the house!

When Glamour stopped publishing a monthly magazine, I didn't know if I'd ever find anything to fill the hole. But I did, in the form of monthly mental health magazines and some true crime ones too! A new John Lewis opened up near me recently, in Cheltenham, so of course I had to go and check it out. And of course I couldn't leave there empty handed! I'm giving away this YES Studio planner on Twitter, if you're interested. Would not recommend the Harry Potter chocolates though. So expensive, and there's hardly anything to them!

Like I said, I'm a sucker for anything Halloween themed. Last year, I picked up a black cat called Frights and sat him in the window for Halloween. This year, I acquired Potions! The Yankee Candle Halloween candle set is amazing, too, and the Forbidden Apple scent is gorge. Lush had a book by the till when I went in to pick up Cinders Shower Gel. I can't resist a book, as we all know. It's an autobiography from one of their co-founders and promises to be a great read. In Primark, I found this adorable Unicorn Bobble Hat. I'd already bought a plain grey bobble hat. But I had to have this one as well; its just so me!

And finally, I've got to share my latest Bath & Body Works Haul. I love cats and unicorns. I already have a Unicorn Antibac Holder, but I couldn't resist this Black Cat Antibac Holder. And a few more Unicorn Antibacs, of course. Also picked up a new cardigan in Primark, and a cute water bottle and coffee travel mug in Tesco, of all places!

What have you been buying lately? 

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