Sunday, 18 November 2018

Haul Post!

It's that time again. Time for another haul post! Although my book haul posts might be coming to an end for a few months, at least, my haul posts won't be going anywhere. I mean, I do want to curb my spending. But one thing at a time, right? Let's kick the book buying habit first. Then I'll work on the rest of my problems! So here's a little look at what I've been buying lately.

I have developed something of an obsession with Bath and Body Works. I've found a UK selling page on Facebook, and I've been buying it all! When I saw someone selling Halloween themed antibacs, of course I had to have them! There are some great magazines out at the moment, from mental health to true crime. I love them all! And finally, I went a little bit mad on ASOS because YOLO. I love the set of wooden drawers though, they look fab on top of my bookcase in the living room!


You'll notice that this post contains quite a lot of Halloween themed purchases. Rather than going up in the attic, which is something my hubby won't do because spiders and I won't do because heights, where the Halloween decorations are stored, I bought some new ones! It could be seen as wasteful, I suppose, but I'll keep these handy for next year (handy as in not in the attic)! I'm giving away the cute TY Peek-A-Boo Cat over on my Twitter, if you fancy winning one for yourself.


Home Bargains is one of my favourite stores. This unicorn mug is just so adorable, as is the black cat tealight holder. I really didn't want to put this one away once Halloween was over! I picked up some seasonal candles whilst I was in Home Bargains too - Halloween for, well, Halloween and Mulled Pear and Cranberry for Christmas. The throw, which I used a backdrop in some of my further photos, is so cosy. Perfect for the cold weather we're currently experiencing!

I am very unhappy with this Unicorn Colour Changing Mug from Boots. When I used it for the first time, I went to pick it up and the handle was scalding hot! Which is incredibly unsafe. You better believe I'll be writing a strongly worded email to Boots about this. Primark coming through again, with the cutest Unicorn Loofah, Marie slippers and HP purse.



I've already bought some of my Christmas presents. Mostly for the cat. But that still counts, right? Speaking of the cat, I'm trying to help him lose weight, so hoping this Royal Canin Dry Food will help. It's specially designed for sterilised cats to help them maintain a healthy weight. I am loving all the Christmas chocolate and biscuits out in supermarkets now. I just know I'm going to get sooo fat over the next few months. Finally bought myself a Halloween mug; found it in Home Sense, obvs. I love that store. And I finally bought myself a Tangle Teezer, from Avon of all places. Love their bubble baths too; the Gingerbread one smells amazing!

What have you been buying lately? 

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