Friday, 23 November 2018

Book Review: The House Swap by Rebecca Flint

‘No one lives this way unless they want to hide something.’ 

When Caroline and Francis receive an offer to house swap, they jump at the chance for a week away from home. After the difficulties of the past few years, they’ve worked hard to rebuild their marriage for their son’s sake; now they want to reconnect as a couple.

On arrival, they find a house that is stark and sinister in its emptiness – it’s hard to imagine what kind of person lives here. Then, gradually, Caroline begins to uncover some signs of life – signs of her life. The flowers in the bathroom or the music in the CD player might seem innocent to her husband but to her they are anything but. It seems the person they have swapped with is someone she used to know; someone she’s desperate to leave in her past.

But that person is now in her home – and they want to make sure she’ll never forget . . .

The House Swap, by Rebecca Fleet, was such a fantastic and gripping thriller. Reminiscent of other books in the same genre (think: Our House by Louise Candlish, Copycat by Alex Lake, The Breakdown by B.A. Paris and more), this is a tale of secrets, lies, betrayals and, ultimately, revenge. 

I gobbled this book up, it just that good. Simple and easy to read, but fast-paced and thrilling. This book epitomises the perfect thriller. The House Swap has been described as "dark, smart, sexy, gripping, totally brilliant" by author Erin Kelly, and I couldn't agree more. Believe me when I say, this is a book that you will not be able to put down once you get started. So carve out a day for this one; you'll need it! 

Not quite a five star read, but let down only by it's eerie similarity to other books I've read in the not so distant past, this book is one I will never regret reading. And I highly recommend it to anyone who loves a good thriller!

Rating: ****

Have you read The House Swap by Rebecca Fleet? 

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