Monday, 15 October 2018

What I Got For My Birthday & Our Wedding Anniversary!

It feels like months ago, not just over a month ago, that I celebrated my 28th birthday, and hubby and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary. So I thought it was about time I shared the lovely gifts I received for my birthday, and the lovely present my hubby bought me for our first wedding anniversary, on my blog. 

So, my main birthday present was the gorgeous Samsung Galaxy Watch (in Rose Gold, obvs.) I pre-ordered this, to ensure it would arrive in time for my birthday, and received money from most of my relatives towards it. Lord knows I never could have afforded this watch without the generousness of my family/extended family! 

It's safe to say that my friends know me very well, as so many of my birthday presents (and cards) were unicorn themed! I had some lovely goodies from Bomb Cosmetics, a lunch bag, Cosmic Unicorn Bath Soak, Unicorn Smarties, and even a Cineworld gift card (accompanied by a bag of popcorn, naturally.) 

Man, I wish I still had that bag of Unicorn Smarties right now. Too bad I ate them within an hour of opening them, eh?!

I've received a birthday present from our cat every year since he entered our lives, and this year was no different. This year, Harley (our cat) got me not one, but two, books! Which I am very excited to read. 

And as you can see from just a few of the lovely cards I received on my birthday, there's definitely a unicorn theme going on! My MIL gave me a wonderful card that was scented inside with perfume, and smelled amazing! 

And finally, our anniversary. We'd decided not to spend too much on each other when it came to presents. We'd rather spend the money on a nice day out, or meal out, together. I bought my husband a custom print from Dorkface, with a quote from our wedding reading on, and framed it. He gave me this Novelty Anniversary Survival Kit In A Can, and he's only gone and got me the gold medal I definitely deserve for putting up with him for this long! I'm keeping this in our wedding memory box and will definitely be taking it out in the future to look at and remember all the reasons we married each other, and all the happy memories we have together.

I was thoroughly spoiled for my birthday this year, and I'm super grateful to all my friends and family for their lovely gifts. I know I shouldn't have to say this, but I want to; please don't think I'm bragging or showing off with this post. I simply want to share what I know I was lucky enough to receive. And I've been sharing this type of post every year since I started my blog and I don't want to stop now. It's lovely to look back on. If you don't enjoy these types of posts, that's fine. Just move on to my next post! 

Do you like seeing what people got for their birthday? 

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