Wednesday, 3 October 2018

September-October Book Haul

Guess what it's time for? Another book haul! Now, one of my goals for last month was to buy no more than four books that month. I think we all know how that went. I think we all knew how that goal was going to go, to be fair. Yeah, I bought a lot more than just four. So here's a peek at what books I've been buying recently.

I think I'm most excited about Bob McCabe's Harry Potter Page To Screen: A Complete Filmmaking Journey. I grabbed this for just £30 in Asda (RRP £50) and it's an absolutely gorgeous book. I'm so excited to dive into this. I'm also keen to read Love Always, Mum by Mae West - the daughter of Fred and Rose West. Fred and Rose West lived in Gloucester, and my mother-in-law frequently walked past their house on her way to work. She also had a friend who was taken by them but who, thankfully, escaped. So the Fred and Rose West story hits quite close to home for me. Rhinos on the Lawn by Matthew Jones might seem like an odd book, because you can't see the cover. It's actually the story of how Cotswold Wildlife Park came to be. And as CWP is one of my favourite places on earth, I'm eager to read about it's history. 

What books have you bought recently? 

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