Wednesday, 31 October 2018

October Reading Wrap-Up

You may have noticed that I've dropped something from the title of this post. I'm no longer going to be including what's on my TBR pile in these monthly reading wrap-ups. And that's because I find having a TBR pile too constricting. I've so many books to read, and I'm excited to read so many of them. So I'm just going to pick up whatever book I feel like reading at the time. Because they're all good! So from now on in these monthly posts I'll only be talking about what books I've read that month. Which I'm sure you'll still enjoy! So here's what I've been reading this month...

I'm on something of a short story kick right now. So I started the month off with a collection of short stories in the form of The Best American Mystery Stories (**) by James Ellroy (as editor) and Otto Penzler (as series editor). Unfortunately, the short stories included in the book did not live up to the title. So many of them were based around sports, or really old-fashioned, and I found I didn't enjoy them at all. I then moved on to ghost stories, after all, it is Halloween season. Ghosts of Christmas Past (***), edited by Tim Martin, was much more enjoyable. But it was too short, with too few ghost stories included, and I didn't enjoy that many of them.

And then I read The Hate You Give (*****), by Angie Thomas, which has been on my TBR list for some time and I was blown away. This book was just so fantastic and so damn powerful. It not only lived up to, but exceeded my expectations. And I'm so glad I made time to read this one. I'll have a full review up when I post the first post in my new series in collaboration with Steph soon! Following The Hate You Give, any book was going to be a disappointment. So I decided to go back to ghost stories, and pick up a book I had no expectations for. As a result, E.F. Benson's Ghost Stories (***) fared not too badly. A little too old-fashioned for my liking, which made it hard going, there were still some super creepy ghost stories in this collection. 

Continuing the ghost story obsession with, what turned out to be, the hardest book to read. It started off okay, but so many of the stories were narrated in Scottish 'slang' that made it very hard to understand. And some of the stories just dragged on to the point where they were just mind-numbingly boring! Sadly, The Penguin Book of Ghost Stories (**) was a real let-down, and I'm so glad to see the back of it.

What have you read recently? 

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