Friday, 26 October 2018

October Favourites!

I can't believe we're almost through with October already! I know I say this every year, but this year is just whizzing by. The thought that there is only nine weeks left of 2018 is a scary one. Anyway, enough talk about the future. Let's take a look back at a few of my favourite things from October, shall we? 

It's been something of a quiet month, but I'll go into that more in my Life Lately - October Edition blog post. One of the highlights of October was Tewkesbury's Mop Fair, the biggest street fair in the South West. Chris and I, his parents and family friend, went for a wander round the fair on the first night. We went on The Waltzers and ate a burger and chips. It was a really fun few hours out! 

Another highlight of October was the release of Jodi Picoult's new novel, A Spark of Light. Not only was the novel released, but Leia and myself went to the Stratford Literary Festival to hear Jodi Picoult talk about her new book. And we received a signed copy of A Spark Of Light in return! 

Halloween happened. Halloween is my favourite time of the year, after my birthday and our wedding anniversary of course, and I was so excited to decorate both inside and outside my house to celebrate. I spent a good few weeks picking up new decs from places like Poundland, B&M and Wilko. I've got quite the collection now!

It's my favourite time of the year - the time of year when The Apprentice is back on our screens. I bloody love this show, as does hubby. In fact, it's one of the few shows we actually watch together! So it's always exciting when it graces our television screens again. 

Isn't my nail artist talented? I adore these shiny, sparkly, unicorn nails. Of course, my next set (which I had done by the middle of October) were Halloween themed. I'll share a photo of those in next months' Favourites post. So keep an eye out! 

For some reason, I've had a few of the songs from this album stuck in my head for days. No idea why. I've not listened to this album in years, and haven't seen the episode in even longer! But I do love their musical episode, and love listening to the soundtrack.

What's one of your favourite things from October?

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