Friday, 14 September 2018

September Goals

Autumn is coming, guys! I'm so excited. I spent all of Summer wishing it were Autumn, and now it's finally here. I think the first day of Autumn is 23rd September. But that really won't be long coming around! Anyway, today I want to share how I got on with my goals for August, and what goals I'm setting myself for September. Let's jump right in, shall we? 

1. Read a romance novel. Didn't quite get around to this one in August. 
2. Wake up earlier every weekday. I was better in August than I was in July, but I still didn't manage to get up earlier every weekday.
3. Go for a walk. Hahaha.
4. Declutter. Did manage this one. Probably helps that I love a good declutter, though!
5. Order wedding anniversary present. It's our wedding anniversary this weekend, and I made it my mission in August to sort out my husband's wedding anniversary present. Easily achieved this one though!

August was a pretty shitty month, to be honest. I'm not too sure what happened, but I'm determined to make September a better month. It can't be hard to better 2 out of 5 though, can it? 

1. Buy a bike. This month, I want to finally get the pushbike I've been talking about getting. Then I want to get my helmet on and cycle. 
2. Buy no more than 4 books this month. My book collection has grown totally out of hand, and I need to put the brakes on buying any new ones until I've read some of these. 
3. Cook 3x a week. I need to start eating healthier, starting by eating at home more often. 
4. Read a sci-fi book. In the spirit of broadening my reading horizons, this month I want to read a science fiction novel. 
5. Lose 1/2 stone. In line with eating healthier and exercising more, I also want to lose some weight this month.

So, what are your goals for September? 

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  1. If you're looking for sci-fi and romance in one, how about Distorion by Victor Dixen? It's like Love Island but in space and with more betrayal and imminent peril, and it's excellent.
    I've already bought all of the books I'm allowed for September :(
    Cora |

    1. Ooh, that sounds amazing. I will definitely check that one out! I need to stop buying books, but it's so hard not to!!