Friday, 28 September 2018

September Favourites!

Where has this year gone? September's almost over now, and we're heading into October. How is that even possible? Halloween will be over before you know it, and we'll be hurtling towards Christmas again. I'm not ready! Let's live in September a little longer, eh? Here's a few of my favourite things from the month. 

I spent my birthday in my favourite place on earth; Cotswold Wildlife Park. Mummy, Daddy and Baby Otter were out enjoying the sunshine and I was thrilled. Otters are one of my fave animals and last time we visited, they were asleep. So it was brilliant to watch one root around for food in the pebbles, another sunbathe, and another eat some crab in their little lake.

My birthday cake this year of course had to be unicorn themed. Look how cute it is! And it tasted divine. Best birthday cake EVER.

It was our first wedding anniversary in September and this was the very cute gift my husband bought for me. He finally got me a gold medal for putting up with him, guys! About time, right? 

I've been watching a lot of true crime documentaries recently. But one in particular that really piqued my interest was Unmasking A Killer: The Golden State Killer. A really fascinating look at the hunt for this truly evil but also slightly legendary serial killer who terrorised America for far too long. 

I mostly received cash for my birthday, towards my main present which is, by far, my favourite thing from September. The brand new Samsung Galaxy Watch in Rose Gold (obvs.) I also had some super cute unicorn themed presents; like this unicorn lunch bag, and unicorn bath bombs!

Linkin Park is my go-to band when I'm feeling emosh. One song of theirs I've had on repeat recently is One More Light. It's so good. I highly recommend it! 

Tell me one good thing that happened to you in September? 

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