Monday, 24 September 2018

Haul Post!

My haul posts are going to be ever so slightly different from today. Where, in the past, I would narrate every photo with an explanation of what I bought/why/and where, I'm now just going to share the photos, with the odd explanation where needed. So enjoy this photo heavy post...

These cute AF bookmarks and stickers are from the super talented Dorkface. Check out her shop; she's got some amazing stuff up for sale, and every sale helps her prepare for her maternity leave. So make a purchase, now!

Top tip: Squishies are AMAZING if you suffer with anxiety. I take mine everywhere; therapy, crowded places. It helps soothe me in a way I never would have thought possible to be honest. 

Tesco's stationery is on point at the moment. Rose Gold? Check. Blogger themed notebooks/pencil cases/etc? Check. Unicorns? Check. They really do have it all, guys! The jumbo erasers, by the way, were part of a gift for my friend's little girls. I'll admit I usually do buy anything with unicorns on it, but I really have no need for jumbo erasers!

I spent way too much money in Primark last month. I totally blame Steph for this. She's a terrible influence. Although I'll admit, I do have something of a Primark addiction!


I am loving Primark's new Friends range. I've been buying all of it whenever I see it; homeware, pyjamas, slogan tees. I need it all!

Are you a Primark addict, too? 

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