Monday, 3 September 2018

Effortless Elegance*

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Whether you are in the office or walking down the street, looking your best and of course, elegant, in your circumstances often contends with maintaining comfort. Yet who says both simultaneously are unachievable or indeed, mutually exclusive? The key to perfecting the balance comes from understanding your situation, your style, whilst not overlooking the importance of your own confidence.

Undeniably, smart suits and appropriate workwear for your weekdays in the office are a must; yet a modern man or woman, however, appreciates the tiresome travels of commuting and carries an alternative pair of comfortable shoes for long journeying. Without increasing your expenditure, you can minimise the effects of your outfit limitations through preparation- an essential part of our fast-paced lifestyles.

Whilst modernity appears to pressure us into busy lives, it also brings with it the power of technology. Planning events in advance are made incredibly easy through the developments in technology- apps for smart phones and calendars on computers will remind you daily of upcoming plans, linking in other members such as friends or family too. But how is this relevant to those of us seeking effortless elegance? Creating an air of elegance comes with being stress-free and care-free, and the most organised among us certainly exude confidence.

Within our daily activities, it is easy to carry out the same boringly monotonous routine; choosing the same clothes and accessories and thus perfecting the perpetuality of rushed, modern lives. But elegance comes easy to those who have firstly prepared, and secondly, amplify confidence and have an eye for the details. Sustaining a flawless routine of hygiene and upkeep of haircare will allow for the even the more scrupulous examinations left empty handed.

Elegance in itself is valuing the luxurious, whilst radiating an effortless atmosphere. A simple way to achieve this is through your fragrance, indulging in luxury cologne can transform a person’s look. Similarly, it helps ease the challenge of choosing between comfort and an elegant outfit, as you are combining them both. Fundamentally, smelling good undoubtedly makes you feel good.

Knowing you look elegant in any outfit will further heighten your confidence, whilst confidence will improve your elegance; and here we meet the unending cycle that fashion brings. Walking tall and with your shoulders back not only projects a feeling of confidence but elongates the body, often making clothes look better. Ultimately, the essential part of maintaining your image is an appreciation for what makes you, you. Each person is unique in their style and character, and it is important to reflect this in your fashion and appearance, without losing it amongst the myriad of clothing or accessories.

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