Wednesday, 22 August 2018

July Favourites!

Christmas is coming, guys. Anyone else seeing those posts on Facebook about how many weekends there are until Christmas Day? I swear I see a new one everyday. I might have to start muting people who share them. Sorry, but I really fucking hate Christmas. Anyway, enough about Christmas. I've probably done a good job of making some enemies and I've not even started writing my post yet! Let's move on... Here are a few of my favourite things from July!

How amazing are my Harry Potter themed nails? Honestly, my nail artist (Emily @ The Glitter Room in Cinderford) is SO talented. I found this nail design on the internet, took a photo in to Emily, and asked her if she could recreate it. Given she isn't even a Harry Potter fan, she did a stellar job. I've had so many compliments on my nails, and everyone I know has wanted to see them in person! And look at how well my owl nail (middle finger) matches my owl cushion (from Primark).

A highlight of my month is picking up the latest edition of Cosmopolitan. And this month, I didn't even have to leave my home. As a 'reward' for renewing my car insurance with Admiral, I received a free 12 month subscription to a magazine of my choice. Which, of course, was Cosmopolitan. In fairness, I hadn't heard of half the other ones on the list. I didn't realise that the subscriber edition came with it's very own exclusive cover. So that was exciting!

I haven't given a five star review to any of the books I've read since June 14th! I'm either getting fussier as the year goes on (I am conscious that last year I had a lot more five star reads than any other year before) or I just haven't read anything that great. Horrorstor, by Grady Hendrix, may have only earned four stars, but is a book that really made an impression on me. What let it down? The ending, and the fact that there's no sequel! This was truly a fantastic, original, chilling horror story. Both myself and my mother-in-law loved it! 

Two nail designs in one faves post? I am spoiling you! I don't think I've ever had a single nail design from Emily that I haven't adored, though. I just can't help but share them and show them off. The photo may not be the best, I had to take it quickly before my cat moved or looked away, but this set of nails are cat themed! 

I've been reading lots of magazines this month! Aside from my regular two, Cosmopolitan and Your Cat, I branched out to read some mental health magazines too. Happiful and Planet Mindful are two of my new faves, and I'll be definitely be getting a subscription to both!

I absolutely love Jenny's blog; Jenny In Neverland. She's one of my fave lifestyle bloggers, and I'm always excited to see a new post from her in my Bloglovin' feed. I highly recommend popping on over to her blog right now, and having a read of some of her latest posts. There's definitely something for everyone.

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