Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Haul Post!

Well, here we are again, with a long overdue haul post! I've actually got enough photos for at least three haul posts right now, so you'll be seeing a few of these over the coming weeks. However, my haul posts always seem to do really well in terms of views, so you guys obviously like them! Here's what I've been buying lately, during my absence from this blog...

A fellow blogger featured this bullet journal on her IG Stories, and I was straight on to Amazon to get myself one. These bujos come in a variety of different designs and are so cheap. Inside is the standard grid pattern to make bullet journaling super easy!

As if you guys needed proof that I have a serious shopping addiction, here is proof that I have a serious shopping addiction. I went into Smyths Toy Store to pick up some presents for a friend's children, and I couldn't even come away from a TOY STORE without buying something for myself. I'm not even sure what these are, but they're satisfyingly squishy and kind of cute so...

And if you think I stopped there in the toy store, think again. I spotted the Tamagotchi Series 2 on sale for just £7.99 and grabbed one for myself. It's so much smaller than the original, though, and doesn't even have as many of the features as the original Tamagotchi had. Disappointing!

This sloth reminds me of my childhood. I used to have a cuddly monkey, just like this, that had Velcro paws. I'd fasten it around my neck and carry it with me everywhere. So I couldn't resist picking up this sloth when I noticed it in Sainsbury's. If nothing else, it's a sentimental reminder of my childhood.

New handbags! Would it even be one of my haul posts without a new handbag (or two)?! This spotty little number came from ASOS and I love it.

A new bag requires a new purse, obvs. This black, scallop edged purse also came from Asos and it has a velvety feel to it. It's lush.

I ordered two bags and told myself I'd only keep one, and send the other one back. Biggest lie I've told myself, ever. I could not choose between them. So I ended up keeping both. YOLO, right? 

Random Primark haul. I love this Unicorn Eye Mask, it has cooling gel pads in to help relax your eyes. 

Avon haul! They have a new range of shower gels out featuring cocktail scents like Fruity Margarita and Pina Colada. They smell gorgeous. I completed my skincare collection with Anew Perfect Skin Day Cream. And that weird looking toothpick-esque item in the middle? It's a hairbrush cleaner, and it's so good at getting all of that gunk out of your hairbrush. My brush has never looked so clean!

I recently treated myself to a new phone; the Samsung Galaxy S9. I needed a phone case, urgently, as I tend to throw my phone into my bag where it gets scratched to hell. This case cost me a tenner from Argos, and was perfect as a stopgap phone case. Even better, I had a voucher, so I didn't even have to pay for this case! 

I also used my voucher to buy a pedestal fan (when we were going through that awful heatwave and everyone was melting) and a portable charger from Curry's.

Kirsty Leanne featured these Imperial Leather shower gels in her IG Stories, and I immediately DMed her to find out where she got them. Asda! So the next day I was in my local Asda, grabbing a bottle for myself.

I really am a sucker for anything unicorn themed, aren't I? Baylis & Harding launched a new Beauticology range - Unicorn Candy - and I am so here for it. 

Last, but not least for this haul post; a few new magazines. I am obsessed with all things unsolved. I love Buzzfeed Unsolved, Supernatural or True Crime. So this Murder Mysteries magazine was right up my street. I'd been seeing a few other bloggers talking about the Happiful mag on Twitter/IG and decided to read it for myself. Turns out, it's worth the hype. I've already ordered the latest edition! 

What have you bought recently? 

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