Sunday, 26 August 2018

August Goals!

When it comes to goals, I seem to be rigidly sticking to achieving 3 out of 5 each month. I mean, it's better than nothing. But am I ever going to hit that elusive 5 out of 5? It remains to be seen... Here's how I got on with my goals for July, and a look at what goals I'm setting myself for August!

1. Get up an hour earlier every (week)day. I have been really struggling with fatigue this past month, so this just hasn't been possible.

2. Care for my skin daily. Hahahahaha...

3. Read one non-fiction book. Yes, something I did achieve in July! I read False Report, by T Christian Miller and Ken Howard, which is about a serial rapist and the victim who wasn't believed. A compelling, gripping, heartbreaking read. I highly recommend it!

4. Start individual therapy - again. Although I had to start from scratch with a new therapist, we're now well into therapy together. She's actually taking me through EMDR and I'm definitely seeing some progress. Onwards and upwards! 

5. Save some money. I never specify how much, because life has a habit of throwing curve balls at us and sometimes I can't save as much as I might like. But I was able to put a bit of money aside in July and that has made me feel like a proper adult!

Fall is coming, guys. I am loving the damp, rainy, stormy days we've been having recently. I'm so looking forward to more. I'm definitely an A/W gal. So here are the goals I'm setting myself for (the rest of) August. 

1. Read a romance novel. In the spirit of branching out of my reading comfort zone some more, this month I want to read a romance novel. Not a genre I usually gravitate towards, but I do have an ARC on my bookshelf in this genre, so I'll hopefully get around to reading that one this month!

2. Wake up earlier every (week)day. Yes, I'm bringing this goal into August with me. I really want to get my mornings back on track, and I can only do that by getting up earlier. How much earlier, I don't know yet. But even ten minutes will be a good start!

3. Go for a walk. Now that the heatwave is over, I want to start enjoying the crispy, cooler weather and go for a stroll.

4. Declutter. I tend to do this every few months, if not more often. It's time to get rid of all the rubbish we've been hoarding for no reason, and donate what we don't need to charity!

5. Order a wedding anniversary present. In less than a month, Chris and I will be celebrating our first wedding anniversary. Which seems impossible! I need to start planning for, and paying for, so basically ordering, a wedding anniversary present and card for hubby. I could probably do with dropping some hints about what he could get me too ;) 

Wish me luck!

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