Monday, 2 July 2018

July Goals!

Seriously, guys. Where is this year going? How is it even July already? I just can't even! I mean, I'm pretty sure I blinked and missed June. Which is almost certainly why I got on so badly with my June goals. Here's a quick recap and an overview of which (if any) I was able to complete...

1. Get up an hour earlier. Hahahaha. I had a real problem with sleep in June; getting off to, and waking up from. I've been getting up literally ten minutes before I start work most days. Thankfully I work from home, so it's not been too much of an issue. But it's not the best way to start the day - rushing around like a mad thing because I overslept.

2. Read before bed. A combination of being too tired to keep my eyes open by the time I get to bed, plus preferring to watch comedies on Netflix with ma boi before bed most nights, means this goal got forgotten about quite quickly.

3. Start a new series on Netflix. Woo, I achieved something in June! I went one further than just starting a new series on Netflix though. I started, and finished, Evil Genius. Followed by The Staircase. I vastly preferred The Staircase, it  was so gripping and absorbing. I'm convinced Michael Peterson killed his wife. What do you think? 

4. Stick to a budget. What is with me and money? I just can't stop spending!

5. Spring clean. I've decluttered, dusted, lint rolled, washed and aired most every part of my house and it's looking good. Next on the agenda is getting it painted to keep it looking fresh.

Two out of pretty bad. June was not a great month for me, though. I had some health problems - high blood pressure, pressure headaches, thrush, and a chest infection - and spent the majority of the month feeling miserable and sorry for myself. I'm determined to power through and make July a much, much better month though. Here are my goals for the month ahead...

1. Get up an hour earlier every (week)day. I'm carrying this goal forward from last month because I know I always feel better for rising earlier and not rushing around like a mad woman before work. 

2. Care for my skin daily. It's not difficult to have a skincare regime. And yet I seem to find it impossible to stick to one. So I want to incorporate skincare into my day, everyday this month.

3. Read one non-fiction book. I tend to stick to YA/Thriller/Crime Fiction books. That's my comfort zone, and I'm very comfortable in it. This month I want to broaden my reading horizons, and read a non-fiction book.

4. Start individual therapy - again. Back in June, my therapist got sick and went on sick leave. Three weeks later, I was told she wouldn't be returning for quite some time, so I was reallocated a new therapist. I start up individual therapy again with my new therapist this month, and I want to make sure I commit to going every single week.

5. Save some money. I'm not putting a specific number on it, but I want to put some money into my savings this month.

What are your goals for July? 

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