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Summer Fashion Guide For Every Body Type || Guest Post

Gorgeous women come in all shapes and sizes, and that’s a fact that no one can dispute. Now, regardless of what body type you have – hourglass, apple, pear, rectangle or inverted triangle, you are unique and beautiful. However, what might hinder you from showing off all your best assets is not knowing what cuts, prints, patterns, lengths and every other element of every given garment will make you shine the most. And here we are, ready to give you the ultimate tips on how to do your body justice with this summer’s best pics for each and every body type, so enjoy and stay tuned.
The hourglass
The hourglass woman usually has prominent hips, a tiny waist and more often than not, broader shoulders. The feature that we want to focus on here is the waist – it must always be accentuated, so pay close attention. Fitted blazers that do your waistline justice are a must, along with fitted tees and blouses. Don’t wear anything boxy that will drown your torso. Wrap dresses are a god sent to you as they help you accentuate the waist further, and they’re also amazing because, due to their cut, they balance out the shoulders and the hips and everything is nice and proportioned.
Stretchy pencil skirts – high rise are another summer staple, especially if you break the rules a bit and rock a crop top. Show that booty off, and if you have cellulite – who cares, most of women do, so let’s stop obsessing over it. When it comes to the eternal staple – jeans – bootcut and flare jeans are your definite go-tos as they will also visually minimize the hips and give you that great proportioned look. V-neck tops are mandatory, whether you’re going with a chic jumpsuit, a basic tee or a dress. For bustier girls, this neckline helps minimize the ‘girls’ and if you want to show some d├ęcolletage, you can always go for a more plunging V.

The sweet apple

When it comes to picking the perfect summer dresses that you can rock with all the confidence in the world, the main thing you want to pay attention to is the cut. Your body type deserves an empire waist dress, as this particular cut skims over your belly and hides it away, so if that is your ‘problem area’ this dress solves it all. There are incredible plus size dresses made exactly for your body type that will conceal everything you don’t want to show off, but also emphasize your other amazing features, so it’s a total win-win. The same goes for tees and blouses – you want something narrow in the shoulders that flares out near the belly area, and if you are wearing a fitted blouse, there is nothing that camouflages the tummy like a bit of ruching. Now, when it comes to jeans, your goal is to minimize your middle and show off your slimmer hips, while balancing your body's proportions, and high-rise jeans are perfect for the job, especially those made from sturdier denim, as it will help contain your mid-section and make you look fabulous. V-necklines are also magic for your body type as they also elongate the torso, and make your upper body look more slender than it is.

The pear

If you’re a cute little pear that has that petite torso and sultry wide hips, we have just the right tips for you. Because your shoulders are narrow and arms usually slender, you can play that card till the end of time and wear sleeveless tops and dresses until you’re bored silly, but make sure the skirt is A-line, unless you want to show off what you’ve got in the hip area. In that case, rock a bodycon dress like it’s nobody’s business. Hey, if Kim Kardashian can, so can you. Now, everyone craves skinny jeans and culottes, but you can actually pull them off. You have the tiny torso and the skinny jeans will just create the illusion of a tiny little waist, and you can ever rock a crop because of your tiny upper body. Now, let’s talk about necklines. While you can essentially get away with anything, sweetheart is the way to go when you want to dazzle, so keep that in mind.

The rectangle

You have one of the most coveted body types in the world – you’re well-proportioned from the shoulders to the hips and can essentially pull anything off. However, since you are petite, feel free to add some volume with ruffled dresses and tops, and voluminous A-line skirts as well as sleeveless dresses – your arms and collarbone are your most alluring features, so make sure they’re noticed. The mid or even low-rise dark bootcuts are your go-to pants, and make sure they fit because you don’t want them loose on your booty. Wear plenty of strapless items, such as camisole tops, and flaunt those gorgeous delicate arms. Oh, and don’t carry large purses or wear big statement jewelry as they will eat you up and make your torso even tinier.

The athletic type

You are essentially a dream woman for many. Your chest is usually strong and you have powerful wide shoulders that a Tom Ford blazer is dying for. However, your hips tend to be narrower than your shoulders, so we need to do some work to balance things out. First of all, always bear in mind that you have to add definition to your hips and focus on creating a balance. Straight-cut jeans and dresses that naturally have an inverted V-look to them are all clothes that will suit your body. That means pencil cut skirts, and wearing skinny jeans with a low rise so as to emphasize the hips as much as possible. V-neck is your definite go-to neckline, just like is the case with many other body types, but in your case, its purpose isn’t to elongate the torso or minimize the chest but to make your shoulders visually narrower.

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