Monday, 18 June 2018

Haul Post!

Seriously, somebody needs to take away my credit card. I've been buying way too much recently. I didn't realise quite how much until I sat down to edit the photos for this post! We all know I'm not going to stop anytime soon, though, even if one of my June goals is to stick to a budget (I think we all know how that goal's going to go!) Anyway, here's what I've been buying lately...

I spotted these unicorn tea towels in Asda and couldn't resist. I also needed (yes, needed) a new notebook, and this butterfly notebook was super cute and super cheap.

I've been trying to up my water intake recently, especially with it being so warm! I spotted this cute AF water bottle in Tesco for just £6 so grabbed myself one. Very tempted to go back and grab a second one, to be honest. 

Who went a little crazy in HomeSense and Pets At Home? This girl! I treated my kitty kat to a radiator bed, in an effort to stop him sleeping in my reading chair all the time. Has he used the radiator bed even once? No, of course not. So that was a waste of money! I also couldn't resist the "Everyday Is Caturday" trinket dish from HomeSense - I still haven't worked out what I want to do with it yet though. 

Also picked up this storage basket in HomeSense (bloody love HomeSense, tbh) to contain the spill-over of books that have accumulated in our living room. Didn't work though. This box is now over-full too...someone really needs to stop me buying books!

Waterstone's have a really cute stationery range out at the moment - even if it is a little on the pricey side. I splurged on this pencil case...

...and this notebook. I had my eye on a sticky note set, but it was way too overpriced in my opinion. So I had some self-control, for once.

Primark are killing it with their Disney ranges at the moment. Decided to treat myself to some new pj sets this month, starting with this Aladdin set!

It's been so hot recently, hasn't it? I don't wear shorts out of the house, as I hate my thunder thighs being on show. But these shorts were cute, cheap and are perfect for wearing around the house when the weather is warmer!

I live in these tank tops in the summer months. They're cute, cheap and cool. The perfect summer combo!

I really didn't need anymore slippers, but I couldn't resist these unicorn slippers which were reduced to just £2. Bargain!

Another bargain was this pyjama bag - which I found in the sale for just £2. I hate leaving my pj's out on the bed, it looks so messy, so this is a cute and easy way to keep the bed looking neat and tidy! 

Yep, more pj's. But any pyjamas with cats or unicorns on are a must-buy for me. I was with Steph when I bought these, and she agreed that I just had to have them. 

I also picked up this cute set of pj's from Primark whilst I was with Steph. I was a little worried that the shorts, which are made of a weird material, would be crinkly when I moved. Needn't have worried though, they're not. They're super comfortable and really cute!

I used to go into Hotel Chocolat every week to buy their Fudge Sundae chocolates. Since I hadn't been in in months, I decided to treat myself. I also opted to try Trillionaire's Shortbread which was nice, but not as nice as Fudge Sundae tbh.

My husband and I recently went on a day-trip to Birmingham, primarily to visit The National Sealife Centre. I always buy a souvenir from any aquarium or zoo I go to. This time, I went for a stingray. They are one of my favourite marine animals. I also bought two chocolate lollipops - one in the shape of a dolphin, the other a starfish. But they were eaten before this picture was taken!

Whilst in Birmingham, of course we popped into the big Primark store. I couldn't resist this fluffy Hedwig cushion, even though my husband was so not thrilled about me buying more cushions! 

I also, for the first time in ages, bought myself some new clothes. Proper going out clothes, in fact. This red dress is gorgeous, great for summer nights spent in beer gardens!

This is more of an everyday wear dress, but I loved the design of this dress. From the stripes to the buttons, it's so chic!

Another tank top. But, like I already said, anything with cats or unicorns on it is a must-buy for me. 

And another pair of shorts. But, in my defence, they are so cheap and I practically live in them in the summer months!

Treated our bedroom to a new alarm clock this month. We use our phones for alarms, actually. But I wanted a clock in the bedroom that would light up so that, during sleepless nights, I can find out the time without looking at my phone. As I've been doing up till now. I like the temperature gauge on this one too.

Who knew Aldi had such a cute wedding range? I loved all of their cushions, but most of them were focused on being married in 2018, so I only picked up this one. Plus a pair of Mr and Mrs pillowcases. Adorable!

And finally, Aldi have an amazing stationery range out right now. The dotty stationery set came in a bundle together - file tray, magazine holder, post holder and pen pot. And the two notebooks came bundled together. Both sets were super cheap!

What have you been buying lately? 

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