Monday, 21 May 2018

Haul Post!

Whilst, admittedly, I've been spending most of my money on books recently, I've somehow still found money to treat myself. Here's a look at what I've been buying recently...

When my mother last came to visit, she told me I was missing a unicorn cushion. The next day, I spotted this one in a little card shop, and I knew I had to make it mine. In my last haul post, I shared the Carex Unicorn Magic Soap I picked up in Poundland. I went back to Poundland recently to pick up the Unicorn Magic Body Wash too! Also, how adorable are the new Harry Potter coasters?! I have way too many coasters already, more than I could ever hope to use to be honest, but I couldn't resist these. 

New shoes! I live and die in these ballet flats during the Spring/Summer months, and I managed to grab these for a steal. Two pairs for £10, and the other pair was just £4! They wash really well, and are super comfy.

Guys, I spent £6 on a pen. A PEN! Madness. I'd had my eye on the Rose Gold Unicorn Pen for weeks though, and when I spotted a pencil case I wanted in the sale, and a photo frame I wanted for one of our wedding photos, I decided "fuck it, buy the pen!" I also picked up the Barry M Unicorn Lipstick, which reacts to the PH of your lips and gives you a unique shade. Like the WinkyLuxe Lipstick I picked up last year. 

Primark hauls are my fave, not going to lie. And every time I go in there, I come out with a full bag of stuff. I didn't need any of this, besides the underwear; the rest are all impulse buys. But the cotton pad holder is v useful, and I use the chalk board to plan out our meals every week. Oh, and the Pac-Man mug? That was a gift for my geeky husband, and it's now his office mug.

Oh look, Aimee bought new pyjamas which she definitely did not need. But. Pusheen! I recently had to clear out my pyjama drawer as I had so many I couldn't even shut the drawer! But I justified buying this new set because Summer is coming, and I need lots of shorty pj's to wear in the warmer months. Also Pusheen tote bag because. Pusheen.

Bought myself some new clothes, didn't I? These tank tops are such good value, and work really well teamed with a cotton cardigan. I live and die in jeggings, and this colour/style is so flattering that I decided to pick up another pair. 

I should not be left unsupervised in Pets At Home. I went in there with my friend to help her find a new lead for her puppy. I went in there with no intention of buying anything for my cat, besides maybe some treats. And I came away with some new catnip mice, a new toy box and some treats. Somebody stop me!

Whenever I go shopping with Steph, I always come back with an empty bank account! This time was no different. I picked up some different tank tops from Primark, and some more underwear. I treated myself to a new bra from Bravissimo, one of my favourite style's was released in a new colour! Then I hit up Wilko for a new photo frame for one of our wedding photos (I'm finally getting around to framing them and it feels great!), some essentials and some sweeties. And finally I had a cheeky peek in Paperchase and, as per, came away with another journal!

You'd better believe I bought my cat a unicorn place mat. And I bought myself another unicorn cushion from Asda for just £5! This letter/post rack was too cute to pass up too.

O.M.G. You guys. I can't tell you how excited I was to learn that my local Primark finally had some of the Chip Mugs in stock! You'd better believe I was straight round there and grabbing myself one before they all sold out again.

And whilst I was there, I also picked up some new clothes. More tank tops in different styles, a cute tee-shirt, and another pair of jeggings (in the same colour/style, I'm so predictable, I know.)

A little Avon haul! I don't tend to order as much from Avon these days, so Avon hauls are getting rarer around here. But when the brochure dropped through my door last time, I immediately earmarked a few products I wanted. Plump It Lip Gloss, which promises to plump up your lips. Some new hairbands, as my cat keeps stealing mine. Soothing Feminine Wash, Hair Braiding Tool, and Magical Kingdom Shower Gel. And finally, I ordered the Zaria Rhythmic Sleep Light which promises to help minimise anxiety/stress and promote good sleep! I'll let you know I get on with it. 

What have you been buying recently? 

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