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Book Review: A Mother's Goodbye by Kate Hewitt*

My arms ache with the need to reach and hold my precious child, and then to never let go. But I can’t. I know I can’t.’

Heather is devastated. There’s no way she can keep her baby. She can barely pay the bills as it is. But when she meets Grace, a wealthy, single career woman, who wants a baby more than anything, Heather believes she has found the perfect adoptive mother.

As Grace and Heather’s lives become entwined, they are tested to breaking point, though neither can deny the other’s love for the child. But just when they think they are learning how to live with each other, they receive devastating news that turns their fragile world upside down.

Will either mother know what is the right thing to do for the child they both love?

An absolutely gripping, emotional drama with a tear-jerking twist. If you love Jodi Picoult, Kelly Rimmer or Diane Chamberlain, this will warm your heart, make you cry, and stay with you forever.

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Let me preface this by saying, A Mother's Goodbye, by Kate Hewitt, is not my usual read. I'm very much a crime fiction/thriller girl, and I don't tend to stray from that genre, bar the occasional foray into YA. A Mother's Goodbye is something of a family saga, in terms of the genre, and not a book I'd usually pick up off the shelf. But the cover piqued my curiosity, and the blurb only served to heighten the feeling I had that this was a book I had to read. 

And yet again, stepping outside of my comfort zone with reading has paid off. A Mother's Goodbye was an absolutely fantastic read, and I'm so excited to be taking part in the blog tour today! 

A Mother's Goodbye was just so full of heartrending emotion that I found myself almost moved to tears in parts. It defied my expectations in so many ways, not least in that it didn't give readers a typical happy ending. I was so sure I knew how this story would pan out, but I was so wrong. And although it was a heart-breaking end to an emotional read, it worked so well and didn't feel forced or unnatural at all. 

I'd recommend this book to anyone who loves an emotional read. I absolutely loved A Mother's Goodbye, and I will definitely be keeping an eye out for Kate Hewitt's future novels. 

About Kate Hewitt: Kate is the USA Today-bsetselling author of over 60 books of women's fiction and romance. She is the author of the Hartley-by-the-Sea series, set in England's Lake District and published by Penguin. She is also, under the name Katharine Swartz, the author of the Tales from Goswell books, a series of time-slip novels set in the village of Goswell.

She likes to read romance, mystery, the occasional straight historical and angsty women's fiction; she particularly enjoys reading about well-drawn characters and avoids high-concept plots.

Having lived in both New York City and a tiny village on the windswept northwest coast of England, she now resides in a market town in Wales with her husband, five children, and an overly affectionate Golden Retriever.

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Rating: ****
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*This book was sent to me in exchange for an honest review. All words and opinions are my own.

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