Monday, 30 April 2018

Life Lately - April Edition

I can't believe that April's over already! January seemed to drag on, but the rest of this year seems to just be whizzing by! Here's a quick look at what I've been up to in April! 

Doing...more group therapy; I've finished the group sessions now, and am on the wait list for individual therapy! I've also been spending lots of time with family and friends; my grandparents came to visit, as did my mum, and I caught up with one of my best friends, as well as going out for food and drinks with my therapy group, and catching up with my blogger friend, Steph
Buying...a new Filofax, in an effort to condense my planner collection and have one planner for everything! And so many books...
Reading...lots of great books. I'm finally out of my reading slump, and I'm so glad. One of my favourite books this month was Hangman, by Daniel Cole, and you can read my review here.
Watching...Disappeared, and James Patterson's: Murder Beyond the Grave. I've discovered the ID channel and I am loving it!
Eating...Mexican food. Twice this month I found myself in Chiquito's, stuffing my face with so much good food! It's my favourite restaurant, but I don't often get to go there as my husband hates Mexican food!
Spending...way too much money on new handbags, books and a Filofax with all the extra inserts I wanted! Also, spending lots of time with great people; friends and family alike.
Facing...the future with a more positive outlook, after twelve weeks of group therapy I finally feel ready to face my demons in individual therapy!

So many Lush baths!

The card I received from my therapy group, filled with messages from the other group members.

Churros for dessert at Chiquito's!

What was the highlight of April for you? 

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