Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Guest Post || 2018 Trend: How To Wear The New Neutrals

Neutral colours have always been a safe bet during any fashion period. In time, they earned an unfair reputation of being bland and boring. But the year 2018 brings a couple of surprises when it comes to the neutrals trend!

Remember all of those neutral colours: sand, pale pink, camel, white, beige - well, this year, they are all coming at the same time, worn in one combination, and you won't have to fear that will blend into the wall. And another surprise - there are some novelties among neutrals, which will definitely shake up the usual order. Read on and enjoy!

Playing with the ordinary in a new way

Any neutral colour is unobtrusive when it is worn to soothe the outfit and to be almost invisible. However, when you create a splendid ensemble of neutrals, you'll get a completely new look.

1. It's all about the fit
The first thing to know about neutral is - they draw attention to your body, as they themselves are not very noticeable. So, it's clear that you need to pay attention to how these pieces of clothing fit you. The safe way to go is to choose classic, feminine silhouette in neutral colours, for example, a gentle blouse tucked into a nipped waist skirt or a soft, long tunic worn over tight pants. Whatever the combination of colour is, the silhouette will be flattering.

2. A playful mix of textures and shades
There is no chance you will look bland in a combination of neutral colours if you keep things interesting by mixing various textures or shades in the outfit. In short, don't use the same texture twice, while the repetition of the same colour should be minimal. Mix whatever comes in hand, including stripes, silk, denim, lace, and knits. Pale jeans with a pink woollen tunic or a beige lace T-shirt with white and light grey striped pants.

3. Power of accessories
Sometimes you are in danger of the all-neutral look becoming too sloppy and too casual. Feminine accessories will prevent this from happening. Let's just mention a sparkly necklace that will brighten up the whole look and add some unexpected texture to it. Another option is to emphasize the professional look with a big, structure brown or light grey bag. In many countries, shoes are the most important accessories in the outfit. For example, European women pay a lot of attention to them, especially in the summer - comfortable nude flat pumps are a must with gentle-coloured dresses, while handmade leather sandals in Australia will give a woman's outfit a touch of light-heartedness and easy-going style. Of course, in almost any country, high heels are reserved mostly for a nice evening out, so match a pair of nude heels with white skinny jeans or a pale pink pencil skirt.

New neutrals - for being different

Rethink your definition of neutral - army green and dark florals are this year's surprise, as they are actually quite versatile. You have never thought of them that way, right? Well, newsflash - oatmeal, white and charcoal are not the only neutrals from now on!

1. Army green
If you are considering getting cropped flare pants, go army green with them. As being "neutral", they can easily be matched with bright colours like red, pink or bright blue. It is also an excellent choice of color for jackets to top off the whole neutrals outfit.

2. Dark florals
Dark florals are best impressive on off-the-shoulder tops and extravagant ruffles combined with jeans and high heels. Even though they seem too much, they are actually very appealing when combined with casual pieces of clothing.

3. Millennial pink
This more of a phenomenon than a colour. If you wear a lot of this colour during summer, you can turn it into a neutral one by combining it with more calming ones in the autumn, like marigold, army green or oxblood. Try it out - you will like the effect it makes.

All in all

So, neutrals don't seem so boring anymore, do they? It's all about the creativity and willingness to play with details and textures. Experiment with them and you'll have so much fun this year.

Helen Bradford is a journalism and fashion enthusiast who always seeks new ideas to write about. She enjoys blogging about fashion, design and style trends for women. When she's not writing, she spends her spare time being active through fitness and travelling.

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