Friday, 2 March 2018

Meet my March Advertisers!

I'm quite sad to see February go. It was a wonderful month full of time spent with family and friends. But I do have a week off work to look forward to in March, and my husband's birthday, so it's certainly not all bad! A new month brings new faces to my sidebar, so it's time to introduce you to some of my advertisers for March!

Angelwings and Petticoats is a lifestyle blog, covering books and mental health. Alex started Angelwings and Petticoats with the intention of breaking down the stigma around mental illness; schizophrenia, in particular. Alex does a fantastic job of balancing fun, light-hearted posts with the more serious, important posts; as she doesn't just write exclusively about mental health. Alex has recently been on a break from blogging (we all need a break sometimes!) but she's back with some brand new posts! Alex has so many wonderful bookish blog posts to choose from. Alex talks openly about her return to dating on her blog.

A Classic Gent is a lifestyle blog run by male blogger, Michael Davidu. Describing himself as an average guy in many ways, but quite unique in others, Michael set up A Classic Gent to further his love of writing. You can expect to see posts on Business and Finance Entrepreneurship, Confidence Building, Current Affairs, Sporting Events and more on A Classic Gent. Michael's published his first few blog posts on his own blog now, so why not check out one his latest all about succeeding in business!

Underland to Wonderland is a lifestyle blog run by the lovely Danielle; a 27-year-old, yet 67-year-old in spirit, girl from Berwick Upon Tweed, the most Northern town in the UK! Danielle really loves Disney, Harry Potter, and her best buddy (dog) Baker. However, she hates animal testing, alcohol and social interaction. Danielle is one of my best blogging friends, she's such a genuinely nice, kind, generous person, and her blog is one of my favourites. I'm always excited to see a new post from her to read in my Bloglovin' feed! So please, please, please check out her blog. Start with this post, one in her Countdown to Disney 2018 series, about her Attractions Hitlist.

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March Advertisers

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