Monday, 26 March 2018

Life Lately - March Edition!

I can't believe that March is almost over already. January seemed to drag on but, so far, the rest of this year is just whizzing by! So much has happened this month, so let's recap on what I got up to in March...

Doing...we celebrated my husband's birthday with a big breakfast in one of his favourite places before I dragged him shopping for some new jeggings. This month marked three years since our cat, Harley, first arrived in our lives. So we bought him a new scratching post to celebrate. My car passed it's MOT, not quite with flying colours though. I had lots of lovely lunches with my in-laws, and continued with the Emotional Resilience Course I've been on since January. 
Buying...way too much Lush stuff! Lush released so many new products recently, for Easter and Spring, and I went a little mad. Keep an eye out for my next haul post to see everything I picked up. 
Reading...again. I started the month in something of a reading slump. But I've finally turned it around. I'm currently reading a really gripping thriller, "The Wife Between Us" by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen, which is very reminiscent of "The Girl On The Train" and so good!
Watching...Criminal Minds! I'm loving curling up on the sofa on a Monday night with a new episode of Criminal Minds to enjoy. I'm also currently enjoying watching Impractical Jokers which recently came to an end. And Coronation Street, which is going through a very dark phase right now. 
Eating...all the Easter chocolate. I decided to treat myself, and bought the new Cadbury Dairy Milk Ultimate Fruit and Nut Egg. And, OMG. It is to die for! 
Spending...way too much money on books. But what's new there? I've also been spending way too much time playing The Sims 4 lately, since they released a few new expansion packs! anxiety head on, in group therapy. I'm learning to use mindfulness and grounding techniques to help stop myself from spiralling, and to prevent anxiety attacks. And it's really helping! 

What was the highlight of March for you? 

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