Wednesday, 7 March 2018

January-February Book Haul!

I've been inspired by the lovely Steph, of Nourish ME, to share my book hauls independently of my usual haul posts. Especially as I've been buying an awful lot of books recently. So here's all the books (most of them, at least, as I'm sure I've forgotten to photograph a few) that I picked up in January and February. 

I've been picking up books left, right and centre recently. From charity shops to the town of books (Hay-On-Wye, of course), things got a lot out of hand this month when it came to book buying. 

In Hay-On-Wye, I pledged to buy only one or two books, at most. But, as you can clearly see, my promises went out the window from the minute I stepped foot in that first second-hand bookshop!

After charity/second-hand bookshops, supermarkets are my next go-to for cheap books. Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury's usually have all the new books available, for half the price of most bookshops. 

I'm forever taking advantage of the 2 for £7 offer in Tesco, and come home from my grocery shopping with two (or more) books. I've been known to come home with more books than groceries in the past!

So, as you can clearly see, things got totally out of hand in January and February. I bought far too many books, and am hoping to get a handle on this in March. I'd have far more money for social occasions if I didn't spend so much on books, after all! So one of my goals for March is to buy only 4 books all month. I'd put myself on a complete book buying ban, but there are at least 2 books I have on pre-order so *shrugs*. Wish me luck!

Do you buy a lot of books? 

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