Monday, 19 March 2018

Get A Better Night's Sleep* || With Phenergan

It's probably not news to you that sleep is really fucking important. When we sleep, we allow our mind and body to rest and repair. And so it's crucial that we get enough sleep. But in today's society, it's increasingly hard to do that. We're always so busy, always on; so that finding the time to fit in the recommended eight hours of sleep a night seems near on impossible. In an ideal world? We'd all get seven-nine hours sleep a night. But this isn't an ideal world, so how can you ensure you're getting the best sleep you possibly can? Because it's important to note, it's quality over quantity when it comes to sleep! Here are my top tips for getting a good night's sleep, every night!

1. Stop staring at screens. How often have we heard this advice? But it's good advice. Your bedroom should be a place of rest, so ban all screens from your room. If you can't do this, try to put your phone down for the night at least 30 minutes before you plan to go to sleep. Try reading a book, or practising some mindfulness, instead of mindlessly scrolling through your Instagram feed. Remember to switch your phone to Do Not Disturb, also, to limit distractions.

2. Stick to a routine. Having a bedtime routine is crucial to telling the brain it's time to switch off and go to sleep. Whether it's having a warm bath and a cup of hot chocolate before bed, or enjoying a chapter of your book with a milky cup of decaf tea, find a routine that works for you and stick to it. 

3. Keep regular hours. It may seem tempting to try to catch up on any missed sleep on the weekend by having a massive lie-in, but this will do you no favours in the long-term. Going to bed and waking up at the same time everyday can really benefit your body and help you get a good night's sleep.

4. Write it down. This is a technique I first learnt about in therapy, and it's really helped me. If you find you're lying in bed, wide awake, a million thoughts swirling through your head; write it down. Keep a notepad by your bed, scribble down everything in your head, set it aside and tell yourself you'll deal with it it tomorrow. This will help you switch off and get some rest!

5. Finally, consider asking your pharmacist about a short-term sleep aid. There are plenty of options on the market, but I recommend Phenergan Night Time*, which works by inducing a sedative effect thanks to its active ingredient, Promethazine Hydrochloride (an antihistamine), which helps you sleep through the night. Phenergan Night Time can start to work in as little as 20 minutes. You can find Phenergan Night Time behind the pharmacy counter in your local pharmacy, and it costs £4.79 for 14 tablets. Remember, this is only a short-term aid, and if you find you're still having problems sleeping after using Phenergan Night Time you should visit your GP.

What are your top tips for getting a good night's sleep? 

*This is a collaborative post.

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