Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Life Lately - February Edition!

Another month over already? January seemed to drag on, but February whizzed by! Perhaps helped by the fact that it was a really short month, but I seem to have blinked and missed this past month. So this post is a great chance for me to recoup and recap on what I actually got up to in February. Let's see, shall we? 

Doing...I started the month off with brunch and book shopping with the lovely Steph. I made some new friends and went for coffee and cake with them (yay for new friends!) I continued my group therapy course, and finally got to watch one of the Fifty Shades films at the cinema with my husband. We celebrated our first Valentine's Day as Mr and Mrs (and I use the term 'celebrated' loosely!) and I got my nails did. There was an impromptu/unplanned trip to Hay-on-Wye with my in-laws, and I also got to see my mum, grandparents and cousin for the first time since Christmas. Safe to say, I packed a lot in to this short month!
Buying...too many books! I picked up quite the stack when charity book shopping with Steph. And I came away with another great stack of used books when I went book shopping in Hay-On-Wye with my in-laws. blogger friend Holly's debut novel, The Ascension of Melanie Winters! I'm so excited for the launch of her first book (which is out now, guys!) I was kindly given an ARC to read and review, and I loved it! A five star read.
Watching...I've been rewatching 8 Simple Rules and Scrubs on Comedy Central. I'm also very excited because the new series of Criminal Minds is finally back on our tellies!
Eating...Ben and Jerry's new ice-cream flavour; Birthday Cake. And it is amazing!
Spending...lots of time with friends and family, and feeling all the better for some quality time with those that matter most. fears, and ploughing ahead with group therapy on the road to individual therapy. It's not always easy, but it's helping.

Tell me your best moment from February? 

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