Monday, 5 February 2018

February Goals!

It's finally the month of love, guys! I always look forward to February, and Valentine's Day. I mean, what's not to love about a day celebrating love, in it's many different forms?! 

I've already touched on this in previous posts, but January was definitely a trial month for me. I achieved hardly any of my January goals, and made no progress towards my 2018 goals at all! So, this month? I'm working hard to get back on track and make 2018 a fantastic year! 

Here's a quick recap of my January goals, and how I got on with them, before moving on to my February goals. 

1. Order our wedding photos. So happy that we finally ordered, and received, our wedding photos this month. 

2. Attend group therapy sessions every week. Despite being convinced there was no way I could go to group therapy, and a few panic attacks later, I've now been to a session every week and am super proud of myself! 

3. Start the Keto diet. I've decided to return to counting calories and exercising more, rather than stick to the Keto diet religiously. I will be cutting out most carbs and all sweet things, ,though, which is what Keto is mostly all about.

4. Swim once a week. I've done a lot of scary things this month, but I couldn't get over my extremely low self-esteem and social anxiety to get myself back to swimming. 

5. Save money for blog migration. I was planning to put any money I make from blogging in my savings, so that I can pay to migrate my blog from Blogger to WordPress. But I've not made much money off my blog this month, so we'll try again next month!

It wasn't a total waste of a month; we did get our wedding photos ordered, and I started, and kept up with, group therapy sessions once a week. But January could have gone a lot better. Like I said, trial month. Now, here's my goals for February...

1. Get back into a daily skincare routine. I think I set myself this goal every few months? Sometimes, I'm successful in that month. But inevitably, my skincare routine falls by the wayside, and I end up setting the goal again. This year, I want to get into a daily skincare routine and keep it up for the rest of the year.

2. Exercise, at least, once a week. Whether this is yoga, swimming or using my Fitbit Fitstar exercise app. I want to start exercising more to help me lose weight and feel good. 

3. Lose 5ibs. Along with exercising more, and eating healthier, I want to see some weight loss this month!

4. Put some money aside for MOT and service. My car is due an MOT and service in March, so I want to start putting some money aside this month ready to pay for it!

5. Buy myself flowers every week. Every month, I'm going to make one of my goals a self-care goal. Self-care is so important, but I'm guilty of letting it slip when life gets busy. Flowers make me so happy, buying them and seeing them everyday, so my self-care goal this month is to buy myself a new bunch of flowers every week!

Wish me luck! 

What are your goals for February? 

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